Hankuk University of Foreign Studies: Scholarships, Admissions, Tuition

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  1. Muktar Abduro says:

    Very good

  2. Abdulmumini Kabiru Daneji says:

    My name is Abdulmumini Kabiru Daneji from Nigeria I honestly very interested in this scholarship but one thing difficult to me is money even in my country in my mind I want to study after finish I started helping people that needs help but now no way because I didn’t get the chance to enter the schools we having because of political issues I did about 3 exam’s and I get the marks which is above the schools needs but at the end they told me I am not eligible to their schools I cried several time and I bear in my mind just to stop wasting my time I doing that so please and please can any one help me to get this scholarship in order for me to continue study because now it’s about 5 for my proceeding secondary that is 2012 please help me and also honestly my father is not rich he is civil servant teaching in girls secondary this is the reason I hope it will be considered thank you

  3. Lucky says:

    Perfect! I like it!

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