Inha University: Scholarships, Admissions, Tuition, Rankings

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  1. Rameen Fazal says:

    I’m a student of BS information technology can you please tell or guide me about this scholarship program i have few questions .
    1. From where we can get recommendation letter and how i can get it ?
    2. Do i need TOPIK test level -3 certificate ……
    reply me as soon as possible. Thanks!

    • lh1999 says:

      1. You can get your recommendation letter from the official scholarship website. There are forms that you need to download.
      2. You need either English proficiency or Korean proficiency.

  2. Amaa says:

    What about scholarships for MBBS in english???? I am a srilankan student do I want GPA score???

  3. Asad says:

    Can I get full scholarship for 1 year with my 7 IELTS, without TOPIK?

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