Murdoch University Scholarships 2018 (Fully Funded PhD)

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  1. Sarah okine says:

    Please I need a scholarship to continue my education. My name is Sarah from Ghana.I completed S. H.S this year but because my parents does not have money for me to continue my education, I have to stop schooling and stay home and sell water. Its my dream of becoming a journalist. But we have no money.please help me

  2. Sakina says:

    Hello my name is sakina , i am from morocco
    I am a first year student at the university
    I chosed as a field English studies , and i’d like to have a bachelor degree scholarship .

  3. wendwesen assefa says:

    My name is Wendwesen Assefa. I’m a second year engineering student who lives in Ethiopia. I need to find a scholarship because I want to continue my education.

    • lh1999 says:

      Hi, Murdoch University only offers scholarships for PhD students. If you are interested in PhD programs, you are certainly welcome to apply in your fourth year, but I would recommend applying to other universities for Master’s scholarships.

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