It can be stressful to apply to the university of your dreams and then end up being rejected. To make your search for a university or college a little less stressful, we have made a shortlist of the top universities that accept 100% of their applicants. These institutions pride themselves on giving as many people as possible the opportunity to pursue an academic career by admitting all of their applicants to their ranks.

Universities with 100% Acceptance Rate

1. Bismarck State College

Located in the capital city of North Dakota, Bismarck State College starts off our list of universities with a 100% acceptance rate today. Bismarck State College (BSC) was established in 1939 and is a public college that offers its students the first two years of education towards a bachelor’s degree.

After these two years, students have the opportunity to easily transfer to any other college or university in the United States or stay at BSC to complete a bachelor’s degree on campus by attending programmes that are the result of the collaboration between Bismarck State College and other institutions in the state or country.

Another option after two years of attending BSC is to move to the job market, as the two-year programmes qualify students to be employed in their field of study. These programmes are called Career and Technical Programmes such as carpentry, criminal justice, engineering technology, and insurance.

Students can take their pick out of a number of options for a four-year degree programme. BSC offers two programmes, Cybersecurity and Information Technology and Energy Management.

Anyone who wants to dive deeper into a different degree can choose to pursue their bachelor’s degree at a different university while still staying on the BSC campus. The universities that are available are Dickinson State University and Minot State University, which each offer a variety of different degrees which you can easily follow from the comfort of the familiar environment of Bismarck State College.

BSC houses approximately 3,781 students and 20 clubs and organisations, including the Future Business Leaders of America and Phi Theta Kappa on its 120-acre campus. The campus is situated just outside the heart of the city, which has a population of around 132,678 including its suburbs.


2. Dixie State University

Dixie State University (DSU or Dixie) in Georgia, Utah in the state’s Dixie region. This is a sparsely populated area in Southwestern Utah. The university began as St. George Stake Academy when it was founded in 1911 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 2013, Dixie State College, which was what it was called then, transferred to become Dixie State University.

This university with a 100% acceptance rate offers 45 bachelor’s degrees, 4 master’s degrees as well as 19 certificate programmes, which you are able to complete online or offline. Bachelor’s degrees include English Creative Writing, Finance, Marketing, Spanish, and Theatre. The master’s degrees that you are able to follow at DSU are Accountancy, Athletic Training, English, and Marriage and Family Therapy.

The institution offers a variety of athletic and recreational activities on campus, such as the fitness centre, pool, and Student Activities Centre. The 15 athletic teams that call Dixie State University home compete in NCAA Division II and are collectively known under the name of the Dixie State Trailblazers.

DSU’s students are able to embark on a study abroad experience in one of the Faculty-Led Programmes, which can last from one week to one month and are often held during the summer break.

There are Exchange Programmes that can broaden your academic horizon for a semester or a year in another part of the world and Affiliate Programmes where a student can enrol in an international university for a time period of summer to as long as a year.


3. Granite State College

Taking the third spot on our list of universities with a 100% acceptance rate is Granite State College in Concord, the capital of the state of New Hampshire. The college was established in 1972 and is one of the four institutions of the University System of New Hampshire.

Granite State College offers a total of 19 bachelor’s degrees, six master’s degrees, and five associate degrees across various different departments such as Business Management and Finance, Communications and Media, Education, Healthcare and Nursing, and Liberal Arts.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students who are interested in teaching can pursue their New Hampshire Teaching Certification in 20 different subjects.

In their own words, Granite State College offers programmes that are designed for working adults and allow their students to balance their personal lives with their professional responsibilities while successfully pursuing their degrees.

Flexible options are available for those with a more complicated schedule, such as evening and weekend classes.

Fully online programmes are also optional for some degrees. Granite State College currently has 2,688 undergraduate students enrolled, of which 83% are transfer students that have been enrolled to a university or college before.

Half of the undergraduate students are pursuing their degrees part-time and more than three-quarters are 25 years or older. The college is clearly an institution that is more suitable for those who have already established themselves in the academic world but are looking to broaden their horizons and choose a new path in their career.


4. University of Pikeville

This private institution was formerly known as Pikeville College and was founded in 1889 by the Presbyterian Church. The university has its headquarters in Pikeville, Kentucky.

This city has a population of 6,903 inhabitants and the University of Pikeville (UPIKE) is located within walking distance to the centre. UPIKE offers undergraduate programmes as well as two professional schools.

The Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO) is the only college that offers optometry in the state of Kentucky. The University of Pikeville is also known for being a university with a 100% acceptance rate.

KYCO has a collaboration with UPIKE so students can easily apply through the application office of the University of Pikeville. Another option for aspiring students that are interested in the medical field is the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (KYCOM).

Undergraduate programmes leading up to bachelor’s degrees are offered in four academic colleges, where students can choose from more than 24 programmes and majors, such as Art, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Criminal Justice.

Currently, UPIKE is home to more than 2,500 students. First-year students live in their own housing halls where they are surrounded by their peers and live in two-bed dorms with a fellow student. Males and females are separated in these dorms.

After their first year, students move into an en-suite housing facility, going up from two-bed dorms to four-bed dorms. Graduate or honors students have the opportunity to move into UPIKE South hall, which is located three miles from campus and provides apartment housing in the form of either one-bedrooms and studio apartments.


5. Wayne State College

Halfway down our list, we have Wayne State College. Founded in 1910, the college has been known under its current name since 1963, has undergone many shifts in name and direction before then. Its campus’ home lies in the rural area of Wayne, Nebraska.

The college offers majors and bachelor’s degrees through four schools, the School of Art and Humanities, the School of Business and Technology, the School of Education and Counselling, and the School of Natural and Social Sciences.

This university with a 100% acceptance rate offers more than 130 programmes of study combined. After their first degree, there is the option at Wayne State College to pursue a master’s degree through one of their graduate programmes.

Options for graduate degrees include Education Specialist, master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and master’s in Organizational Management (MSOM), the three of which are all available online.

Wayne State features nine residence halls for students to be more involved in the college’s community. Housing is also available in themes, which means students can choose to live in dorms with peers that have the same interests, for example, sports and hobbies.

The Guild is an example of these theme housing students who are interested in sci-fi and fantasy-related topics. Wayne State has received plenty of awards over the years, the most recent include Best Online College in Nebraska for 2019 by the SR Education Group and Best College in Nebraska for 2016-2017 by

The athletic teams at the college are collectively known under the name Wildcats and compete in the NCAA Division II in the country. Men’s and women’s sports teams are separated and sports that are available include basketball, football, and softball. The sports culture is an important part of Wayne State, which also has some professional players in its ranks of alumni, such as Lamart Cooper (American football player), Ruben Mendoza (NFL guard), and Kevin Swayne (NFL wide receiver).


6. Weber State University

This public university was founded in 1889  and is headquartered in Ogden, Utah, a little under 40 miles north of Salt Lake City, the state’s capital. The university currently has a student population of around 26,000 and 1,012 staff members, which strive to make the university a national model for the integration of community, learning, and scholarships. Weber State has eight campuses, spread out in the area around Ogden, Morgan, and Layton.

The university counts 120 student clubs and organisations, including sport and recreational clubs, such as baseball, snowboarding, and hockey. Weber State, just like Wayne State College, is known in the sporting world as the Wildcats. Weber State University is proud to bring over 225 degree programmes forward, including Anthropology, Geology, Elementary Teaching, and Web Technology.

For those who want to advance further after their bachelor’s degree, this university with a 100% acceptance rate also offers graduate programmes to those that are interested.

Certain bachelor’s and master’s degrees are also completely available online for those who have personal or professional responsibilities, making it able for anyone to obtain their degree at their own time and pace. Students can choose to live on campus, either in the University Village or Wildcat Village.

The Wildcat Village is listed as community-style living, where students live in pairs in 2-bed suites with en-suite bathroom and shower facilities and kitchen in the floors’ common area. The University Village consists of apartments with private bedrooms, semi-private bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas. One apartment houses four students and is fully furnished. The apartments in the University Village offer students more privacy and are therefore more expensive than housing in the Wildcats Village.


7. Indian River State College

Next up on the list, we have Indian River State College (IRSC) lined up for you. Located in Fort Pierce on the east coast of Florida, the college was established in 1959 and is currently being run by president Edwin R. Massey. The 87 acres campus is home to more than 100 programmes leading to bachelor’s degrees, technical certificates, and associate degrees.

Anyone can find their path at IRSC. Bachelor’s degrees that are available include Accounting, Nursing, Education, and Criminal Justice. Career training is also an option for those who want to get straight onto the job market, for example, Carpentry, Barbering, or Nursing Assistant. Students are able to dive into life at college by joining one of the sporting teams including baseball, swimming or diving, volleyball, or softball.

The Health and Wellness Centre at Indian River State College aims to make students more aware of the importance of physical and mental health by offering personal wellness classes, lifestyle assessments, and a library filled with books and pamphlets. Personal health counseling is available in both groups and private sessions and means to provide students with the appropriate knowledge on how to handle issues like nutrition, weight loss, stress reduction, and exercise.

Students that are committed to attaining high academic achievements can apply for the Indian River State College Honours Programme, which will give students an advantage on the job market and will make for a better resume when applying for scholarships and transfers to prestigious universities.


8. Boston Architectural College

The only architectural college on our list of 100% acceptance rate universities in the Boston Architectural College (BAC) in Boston, Massachusetts. It offers its students bachelor’s and master’s degrees in their different schools, the School of Interior Architecture, the School of Architecture, the School of Landscape Architecture, and the School of Design Studies. Master’s degrees are also available in these different schools, some of which can be taken during a two-year course or through an online programme.

Aspiring college students who are still in high school can apply for the Summer Academy, which runs for a month through July to August. The Summer Academy will give high school students an insight into life at college and the world of architectural design.

Students who complete the month at the academy will earn college credits and are eligible for a scholarship for one of the undergraduate programmes at Boston Architectural College.

Most students at BAC live off-campus in and around the city of Boston and the college makes sure to help students find their perfect place in the city.

For those who would like to stay away from the big city, there is also the option of on-campus housing on the campus of Pine Manor College. This college is located in Brookline in Chestnut Hill, which is less than 5 miles away from BAC and 7 miles from the heart of Boston.

It is not unusual that BAC has some well-known architects and designers in its ranks. Notable alumni include Glenn Gissler (award-winning interior designer), Stewart Wurtz (studio furniture maker), and William Sutherland Maxwell (Canadian architect).


9. City University of Seattle

As we are closing in on the end of this article on the 100% acceptance rate universities, we have come to the City University of Seattle (CityU). The private institution was founded in 1973 and currently houses 6,938 students of which 19% follow a full-time programme at the university.

The university consists of the Albright School of Education, the School of Management, the School of Applied Leadership, the School of Arts and Sciences, the Washington Academy of Languages, and the Technology Institute which together offers a total of 63 programmes.

After completing their bachelor’s degree in one of the schools, students can choose to move to a master’s programme which can lead to a doctorate at the City University of Seattle. CityU has locations and partnerships around the world, including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia where students can follow their programmes online or on-site.

For those who are interested in exploring these global partnerships, it is possible to complete one-quarter of their degree at a CityU location around the world. CityU’s campuses are non-residential, which means students are not able to apply for housing on campus or enjoy sporting facilities or clubs at the university.


10. Academy of Art University

We end at the Academy of Art University, a private for-profit art school in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1929 and has grown to now have a student population of around 11,000.

According to the university, it is the largest privately-owned art and design school in the USA. The university offers its students the finest courses throughout 22 schools, such as the school of Acting, the School of Industrial Design, and the School of Motion Pictures and Television.

High school students that are interested in attending the Academy of Art University can join the Pre-College Art Experience (PCAE) in which students can earn scholarships by attending and passing non-tuition pre-college classes.

Study Abroad programmes are available to students of the Academy which enables students to travel to different cities in Europe and experience and learn from the architecture and collection of art Europe possesses.

Students can live in one of the 17 housing facilities throughout the world-famous city of San Francisco that the university provides. Housing at the university comes in all different shapes and sizes to make sure everyone can find their own place in the city.

There are lots of clubs and organizations run by the students at the Academy, such as the Anime Club, the Chinese Students Associations, and the Improv Club where every student can make the most out of their university experience.

Notable alumni of the Academy include Lauren Conrad (actress), Kara Laricks (fashion designer), Raven-Symoné (actress and singer), and Heidi Montag (actress).


I hope that this article on universities with a 100% acceptance rate was helpful. If you are interested in studying abroad, check out the Available Programs for International Students!