How to File International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) 

In this article, we will be looking at the International Student Financial Aid Application.



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What is International Student Financial Aid Application?

International Student Financial Aid Application is used either in place of the CSS Profile or in addition to the Profile to prevent colleges from processing the CSS Profile incorrectly.


How do I fill out the International Student Financial Aid Application?

This document is from CollegeBoard, but you cannot find this document in Collegeboard’s website. To find it, you will need to search Google for “International Student Financial Aid Application” to find the PDF of this document in college websites.

Unlike CSS Profile, ISFAA is not filled out electronically. You will need to print the document, fill it out with pen, scan it, and send it to the individual colleges.

For more information about how to send the financial documents to colleges, please visit this article.


What kind of information does ISFAA require?

ISFAA asks you information about your parent’s income, assets, and expected family contribution. It does not ask you specific questions about your financial information like the CSS Profile. Make sure that you are filling this document in the correct academic year that you will be applying for financial aid! For example, if you will be a college freshman in the year 2020, then you will need to select the years 2020-2021. The information that you will be entering into this document comes from the prior, prior year that you will be applying for financial aid. For example, if you are applying for financial aid in the years 2020-2021, you will use your financial information from prior, prior year to 2020 which will be the financial information from 2018.


Is there any other financial documents that I need to fill out other than International Student Financial Aid Application?

Yes, you will most likely need to fill out the CSS Profile and the International Student Certification of Finances. Check the individual college’s requirements of financial aid application for more information.


Is there any cost to file the International Student Financial Aid Application?

This document is free.


I hope that this article on ISFAA was helpful. If you are interested, I highly suggest that you look at USA Scholarships Page!

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  1. upendo laizer says:

    I have tried several times to create a MyMit account, but I have failed because every time I submit my application, I am told that the username is invalid. What should I do? I am from Tanzania.

    • lh1999 says:

      If you are trying to apply to MIT, you should contact their IT personnel for more information. I can’t really help you on why your application doesn’t work.

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