Yonsei University Scholarships 2019 (Full Tuition)

Yonsei University scholarships

Yonsei University was founded in 1885 as the first university in Korea. This prestigious private university is part of the “SKY” universities (Korean Ivies) which is an acronym for Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. This university boasts 28,000 students, 3,500 faculty members, 18 graduate schools, 22 colleges, and 133 subsidiary institutions.

Yonsei Underwood International College (UIC) is Korea’s first liberal arts college in which all the courses are taught in English. It is composed of 112 distinguished faculty, 2,000 students from 58 countries, 554 all-English courses, and 16 majors. This international college welcomes students from all backgrounds to study with the scholars from around the world.

The UIC is divided into three major fields: Underwood Field, HASS (Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences), and Integrated Science and Engineering Field. These fields are further divided into divisions which offer different majors.

Underwood Field 

Majors offered:

  1. Comparative Literature and Culture
  2. Economics
  3. International Studies
  4. Political Science and International Relations
  5. Life Science and Biotechnology

HASS (Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences)

Majors offered:

  1. Asian Studies
  2. Information and Interaction Design
  3. Creative Technology Management
  4. Culture and Design Management
  5. Justice and Social Leadership
  6. Quantitative Risk Management
  7. Science, Technology, and Policy
  8. Sustainable Development and Cooperation

Integrated Science and Engineering Field

Majors offered:

  1. Nano Science and Engineering
  2. Energy and Environmental Science and Engineering
  3. Bio-Convergence

For more information about these majors, visit Underwood International College’s Website.


Why Should I Apply to Yonsei Underwood International College?

All English Classes

Since UIC is an international college, every class is taught in English. This is a great advantage for international students whose primary language of instruction is English because the majority of Korean students were not taught in English. As an international student, you can focus on the subject itself while Korean students need to learn both English and also focus on the subject.

Since all the classes are taught in English, you are not pressured to learn Korean quickly. You can gradually pick up Korean if you want since you are not forced to learn it in order to understand your professors.


High Rankings

Yonsei University ranks high in global rankings which indicates its academic excellence. It is ranked #1 Korean University in Reputation (Korea Joongang Daily’s University Rankings), #1 Korean Private University (QS World University Rankings), #5 Asian Cancer Research Innovators (Reuters Rankings).



UIC places much emphasis on undergraduate research. It encourages students to do research through many programs such as the Design Factory KoreaUIC Research Project, and Global Research Competition.

Design Factory Korea

Design Factory is a program run by universities and research organizations from 13 countries. The Design Factory Korea incorporates the knowledge that students have learned in the classrooms and help corporations to design new business models and services.

Both the corporations and students benefit from the Design Factory Korea. Many corporations benefited from this program because the students in UIC provided them with fresh ideas. Likewise, students are able to gain invaluable experience by working with corporations and developing their creativity and innovative skills.

Students can, not only cooperate with the companies, but they can design and develop creative services and products through Product Development Project. Under the guidance of a professor, students will create services and products by observing, conceptualizing, prototyping, and evaluating.

The Design Factory Korea is a great resource for engineering, industrial design, and business majors. For more information, visit Design Factory page.

UIC Research Project

Students who are participating in UIC Research Projects can conduct self-directed research under the direction of research mentor. Research groups made out of 3-4 students can receive 500,000 KRW for each team member for the research and will write a published paper about their project. For more information, visit UIC Research Project page.

Global Research Competition

The Global Research Competition helps students to learn the standard research process such as developing research plans, formulating a hypothesis, conducting experiments, analyzing the data, and presenting the results. For more information, visit Global Research Competition Page.


Study Abroad

Yonsei’s exchange program is very extensive allowing students to study in 665 universities in 70 countries around the world. UIC students can take advantage of the Yonsei’s exchange program as well as the UIC-specific exchange programs with prestigious universities such as Columbia University, Dartmouth College, and UC-Berkeley. For more information, visit study abroad page.


Yonsei University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

UIC wants international students from a variety of backgrounds to attend the college. To make this possible, it offers huge sums of scholarship money to international students every year. The scholarships offered by the university can be divided into three categories: Admissions Scholarship, Merit-based Scholarship, and Need-based Scholarship

Admission Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount- Up to full tuition
  • Eligibility- All international students
  • Application Procedures- There is no separate application to receive this scholarship. All international students who apply for admission at Yonsei are automatically considered.


Merit-based Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount- Up to full tuition
  • Eligibility- Currently enrolled students who are in top 10% GPA each semester will be considered for this scholarship.
  • Application Procedures- There is no separate application form.


Need-based Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to full tuition
  • Eligibility- Currently enrolled students who are in financial need are eligible for this scholarship.
  • Application Procedures- Separate application is required with proof of financial need

For more information about these scholarships, visit Yonsei University Scholarship Page to learn more.


Yonsei University Scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Korean Government Scholarship

Korean Government offers scholarships for international students to cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, airplane ticket, and other expenses. For more information about this scholarship, read Korean Government Scholarship Article.


How to Apply

For undergraduate admissions, please visit Yonsei University Undergraduate Admissions Page. For graduate admissions, please visit Yonsei University Graduate Admissions Page.


How to Apply Video

This is a Youtube Video about application procedures and scholarship application.


More Scholarships in Korea

There are other universities in Korea other than Yonsei that offer fully funded and full tuition scholarships to international students. To access these scholarships, visit Korea Category.

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  1. Girma Abdisa says:

    How do we apply to Yonsei University?

    • lh1999 says:

      The application procedure is explained in the article. Nothing can guide you better than the official scholarship website.

  2. Tawakaltou folakè says:

    Can francophone students apply too?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does the university offer civil or architecture engineering?

  4. Bonotem Keumsinase says:

    Please, can Nigerian students apply?

  5. Amaa says:

    Can we obtain full scholarships for the School of Medicine?

  6. Dilnoza says:

    I have a IELTS certificate, and I really want to study in Korea with a full scholarship.

    • lh1999 says:

      Hi, if you do want to study with a fully funded scholarship, then you should consider applying to not as competitive schools in Korea. To view the complete list, go to Korean Scholarships Category.

      • Catalina says:

        So why if I want a fully funded sholarship in Yonsei it would be better to apply for othe one less competitive? It is that hard to enter even for International students? Im going to apply for a full scholarchip here 🙁 So what I may have in consideration? Should I search another University?

  7. Dinu says:

    What about full scholarships for MBBS for undergraduates?

    • lh1999 says:

      As stated in earlier comments, many Korean universities do not admit international students in their medical program.

  8. sabatina says:

    i want to apply for masters in fine arts is there any opportunity available for fine arts in your university?????

  9. Victoria says:

    Can Israeli students apply?

  10. newton suomie gleekia says:

    can a student from Liberia apply ?

  11. Azizbek says:

    I have read all comments and as it is stated universities don’t admit international students in medicine. But in our country, many organisations, which direct and provide students with consultancy to study in korea, are offering universities for students in medicine. I went some of them as I want to study in medicine, They offered universities with scholarship
    What do you say for this?

    • lh1999 says:

      Some schools do offer undergraduate courses and sometimes graduate courses in medicine, but for international students who want to go to medical school after they have finished their undergraduate degree are having a hard time since the price rates for international students are extremely high. Let me rephrase by saying that the chance of international students getting accepted and going to medical school is extremely low. Does this answer your question?

  12. Khalima says:

    Hi. What shall I do if I’ll take my certificate from school in June. Cause admission ends in April (earlier). Could you please suggest me something

    • lh1999 says:

      Do you mean your graduation diploma? You just send your unfinished transcripts at the admission application, and then, you can send the finished application right your graduation if you get accepted.

  13. Ali says:

    I am expecting to be graduated in summer 2019 from Namseoul university in cultural studies on self studies. I am from Pakistan can i apply for phd program for fully funded scholarship?

  14. mika says:

    Hi, I want to apply for graduate program. Is it possible to get scholarship without Topik score because i have above average GPA and ielts score. I want to apply to SNU, Korea, Hanyang, Chung-Ang and Yonsei. Are these universities require Topik score?

    • lh1999 says:

      They would probably require SAT but taking TOEFL is not a bad idea. I think the standardized test scores are a requirement for Korean Universities, so it would be hard to apply without taking a standardized test.

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