32 Full Tuition Scholarships for International Students in USA

This is a comprehensive list of full scholarships for international students in USA. It includes full-tuition scholarships as well as full-ride scholarships that include tuition, room, and board. I have separated these by state, so it would be easier to navigate through. If a scholarship had eligibility criteria or a determining factor, I have listed it below. Next, I have marked scholarships that are given only to international students. Please note that these scholarships are for undergraduate international students. If you are looking for graduate scholarships, I highly recommend that you go to Best Scholarships in USA for International Students. This article contains information for both undergraduate and graduate students, so it will be worth your time to check it!


Is this Information about Full Tuition Scholarships Authentic?

Yes, this information is authentic because it is from universities’ official websites. I have made sure that all the scholarships listed here are applicable to undergraduate international students by searching through the websites. I have listed the websites where I got the information from, so I encourage you to double-check the information yourself! It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Are Full Tuition and Full Ride Scholarships for International Students Competitive?

Yes, these scholarships are very competitive. Generally speaking, it is more difficult for international students to get scholarships than domestic students assuming that all the other things are equal. All the scholarships listed below are either full-tuition or fully-funded scholarships, which are very difficult to get even for domestic students. So, international students wishing to receive these scholarships need to be brilliant.

There are some universities, however, that does not require a scholarship for you to study for free. The good news is that there are free tuition universities even in USA that offer great education! You can check the list out at 16 Free Tuition Universities in USA.

Also, you should not that the competitiveness of these scholarships differs from each other. Some scholarships for international students are very competitive like Washington and Lee’s Johnson scholarship, while some are not as competitive like University of Alabama’s Presidential Scholarship. You should keep in mind that the level of difficulty in getting a scholarship is different for each scholarship.


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Full Scholarships for International Students

These full scholarships for international students in USA are not separated by state, but I have listed all of them here, so you that you can quickly glance at this list. I will include the scholarship amount, minimum requirement, and scholarship link later in this article.

  1. University of Alabama
  2. Hendrix College
  3. Loyola Marymount University
  4. Soka University of America
  5. George Washington University
  6. University of Miami
  7. Rollins College
  8. Barry University
  9. Agnes Scott College
  10. Emory University
  11. University of Georgia
  12. Oglethorpe University
  13. Morehouse College
  14. Drake University
  15. University of Chicago
  16. Louisiana State University
  17. Tulane University
  18. University at Buffalo
  19. Fordham University
  20. Syracuse University
  21. Davidson College
  22. Duke University
  23. Miami University
  24. Denison University
  25. Arcadia University
  26. Providence College
  27. Vanderbilt University
  28. Southern Methodist University
  29. Southwestern University
  30. Texas Christian University
  31. University of Richmond
  32. Washington and Lee University


Scholarships by State


University of Alabama

For more information about University of Alabama, read this article.



Hendrix College

  • Hays Memorial Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition, room, board, and mandatory fees
    Minimum requirements- 3.6 GPA and 32 ACT or 1410 SAT
    Determining factors- Potential for intellectual vitality and academic success, leadership, initiative to enhance life
    Official Scholarship Page- https://www.hendrix.edu/admission/international.aspx?id=35098



Loyola Marymount University

  • Arrupa Scholarship
    Value- $12,500 per year – Full tuition
  • Trustee Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition + Room + Board
    Minimum Requirements- Needs to have a campus interview with faculty during annual Scholars Weekend
  • Official Scholarship Page- http://financialaid.lmu.edu/international/


Soka University of America

  • Soka Opportunity Scholarship (SOS)
    Value- Up to Full tuition
    Minimum Requirements- annual family income of $60,000 or less
  • Global Merit Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition and fees, room, board, airfare, personal expenses, books, supplies
    Determining Factors: Materials submitted in the admissions application such as GPA, standardized scores, and essay
  • Makiguchi Scholarship (Scholarships for International Students only)
    Value- Full tuition and fees, room, board, airfare, personal expenses, books, supplies
    Minimum Requirements- International Student who graduated from high school in an African nation
    Determining Factors- Good character, excellent academic standing, and has a financial need
  • Official Scholarship Page- http://www.soka.edu/admission_aid/Financial_Aid/soka-scholarships.aspx


District of Colombia

George Washington University

  • Presidential International Scholarship (Scholarships for International Students only)
    Value- Up to full tuition
    Minimum Requirements- Must be an international student
  • Presidential Academic Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition
    Minimum Requirements- Must graduate from US high school
  • Official Scholarship Page- https://undergraduate.admissions.gwu.edu/scholarships



University of Miami


Rollins College


Barry University

  • Stamps Scholars Program
    Value- Full tuition, books, room, board, transportation, and $6,000 for study abroad.
    Minimum Requirements- 3.5 GPA, telephone interview
    Official Scholarship Page- https://www.barry.edu/stamps/



Agnes Scott College


Emory University


University of Georgia

  • Foundation Fellowship
    Value- More than tuition, three fully funded travel study program, and fully funded summer study abroad program to Oxford University
    Minimum Requirement- 1470 SAT or 32 ACT and 3.9 GPA
    Determining factors- strong academic achievement, accomplishment and leadership in co-curricular activities
  • Bernard Ramsey Honors Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition and four fully funded domestic spring service trips
    Minimum Requirement- 1470 SAT or 32 ACT and 3.9 GPA
    Determining factors- strong academic achievement, accomplishment and leadership in co-curricular activities
    Official Scholarship Page- https://www.admissions.uga.edu/Prospective-Students/Tuition-Fees/Scholarships


Oglethorpe University


Morehouse College



Drake University

  • National Alumni Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition, fees, room, and board
    Minimum Requirement- 31 ACT or 1430 SAT and rank in top 5 percent or 3.8 GPA and participate in National Alumni Scholarship Days
  • George A. Carpenter Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition
    Minimum Requirement- 31 ACT or 1430 SAT and rank in top 5 percent or 3.8 GPA and participate in National Alumni Scholarship Days
  • Official Scholarship Page- http://www.drake.edu/admission/first-yearstudents/costsfinancialaid/scholarships/nationalalumni/



University of Chicago



Louisiana State University


Tulane University

  • Global Scholarship (Scholarships for International Students Only)
    Value- Up to full tuition
    Minimum Requirement- Must be an international student, 650 SAT English or 28 ACT or 100 TOEFL.
  • Brandt Dixon Scholarship
    Value- Up to full cost
    Minimum Requirement- Must be a Latin American women studying Liberal Arts
  • Deans’ Honor Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition
    Minimum Requirement- Submission of a creative project, must submit an application via Early Action or Early Decision.
  • Stamps Leadership Award
    Value- Full tuition, room, board, and enrichment funds
    Determining Factors- leadership, perseverance, scholarship, service, and innovation
  • Official Scholarship Page- https://admission.tulane.edu/international/aid and http://admission.tulane.edu/tuition-aid/merit-scholarships


New York

University at Buffalo


Fordham University


Syracuse University

  • The Full Tuition 1870 Scholarship
    Value- Full tuition
    Determining Factors- academic and creative accomplishments, personal achievement, commitment in community service, and global perspective.
    Official Scholarship Page- http://admissions.syr.edu/international-scholarships/


North Carolina

Davidson College


Duke University

  • Karsh International Scholarship (Scholarships for International Students Only)
    Value- Full tuition, room, board, fees, up to $7,000 for research and service opportunities
    Minimum Requirement- Skype or phone Interview and must be an international student
    Determining factors- academics, leadership, and financial need
    Official Scholarship Page- https://www.ousf.duke.edu/page/Karsh



Miami University


Denison University



Arcadia University

Rhode Island

Providence College


Vanderbilt University

  • Ingram Scholars
    Value- Full tuition + Stipends for study abroad, research or service projects
    Minimum Requirement- Must interview at Vanderbilt campus
    Determining Factors- community service, plan to pursue business career
  • Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholars
    Value- Full tuition + Stipends for study abroad or research experience
    Determining Factors- Academic achievement, leadership
  • Chancellor’s Scholars
    Value- Full tuition + Stipends
    Determining Factors- Worked towards increasing diversity
  • Official Scholarship Page- http://www.vanderbilt.edu/financialaid/undergraduate/international.php and http://www.vanderbilt.edu/scholarships/



Southern Methodist University


Southwestern University


Texas Christian University



University of Richmond


Washington and Lee University


Since this list of scholarships for international students is very large, it would be foolish to apply to all of them. However, you should research each college to see which would be the best for you and apply accordingly. Also, make sure that you apply to safety colleges and colleges in your own country in case these scholarships for international students do not work for you.

It is essential that you finance your studies in USA somehow. For some, tuition, room, and board will come out of their own pocket. However, if you are not very rich, you will need at least partial scholarships to cover your expenses. For some, they might need the scholarships to cover the cost. To those that need it, I hope that these undergraduate scholarships for international students have helped you to gain more information about the opportunity.

As stated above, these scholarships for international students are very competitive. To apply for these scholarships, please visit the official scholarship page linked to each university and see the application procedures. Read the application procedures carefully and prepare the necessary documents. Also, make sure that you have completed any other requirements such as essays and teacher’s recommendations. Then, apply for these scholarships by submitting the application with the completed documents.

If you have any other scholarships for international students that are either full tuition or fully funded, please comment below! After review, I will include those that are valid.


More Scholarships for International Students

There are many universities in USA that offer full scholarships to international students. To access these scholarships, visit USA Scholarships Page.

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