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Applying US University

Do you want to learn about how to apply to US University as an international students? If so, you need to take advantage of the free course that University of Pennsylvania is providing! This course informs international students on how to apply to US University very thoroughly. Keep in mind that this only applies to prospective undergraduate students who have never attended college. If you want to transfer, some of this applies to you also.

This is one of the best online courses for international students seeking admissions in a US University. Many of the international students have many misconceptions about American schools, and this video corrects those misunderstanding. Some of the misunderstanding includes the mindset that it is impossible to finance the studies in American University and that getting into a good University is hard. However, I hope that you’ll think differently after watching this wonderful course.

This video is from Coursera, a company that allows students to watch courses from the best universities in the world for free! To learn more about Coursera, visit this article.


Course Overview

  1. 14 hours of video
  2. Quizzes to test your understanding
  3. Many informative readings


Course Details

  1. Learn about the admissions process in the US, including how colleges evaluate international students, admissions requirements, and how colleges decide who to accept.
  2. Learn how to properly self-access your application by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Also, learn about EducationUSA which is located in many countries to help you in the admissions process.
  3. Learn how to conduct college research, build college lists, and create your college application plan.
  4. Learn the eight pieces of your application (application form, academic documents, SAT & ACT, TOEFL & IELTS, essays, letters of recommendation, activity list & resume, and interviews).
  5. Learn the different environments and application process in Purdue University, Rhodes College, Santa Clara University, Montgomery County Community College, and University of Pennsylvania.


How to Start Learning

  1. Register at
  2. Enroll to watch the course Applying to US University by University of Pennsylvania.
  3. Start watching and learning more about the admission process in America!

This course is available for free at There are over 2,000 courses from universities such as Princeton, MIT, and Georgia Tech. To learn more about Coursera, visit this link.