Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships in America 2019

Scholarships in America

There are two types of scholarships for undergraduate students in USA. First is the American government scholarships which are administered by American Government. Second is the university scholarship where individual universities award scholarships to international students.

Here, I have given the scholarship amount, eligibility, and brief description of each scholarship. You can click on the link to go to specific information for each scholarship.


American Government Scholarships

1. Community College Initiative Program

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition, airplane ticket, living allowances, health insurance, cultural enhancement activities
  • Eligibility- International students from certain countries
  • Brief Description- This program allows international students to study in community colleges for one year and return to their own country to make an impact.


University Scholarships

1. University of Alabama 

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition, additional $2,500 for engineering students
  • Eligibility- All international students with certain SAT scores
  • Brief Description- The University of Alabama is the best state university in the State of Alabama.


2. Mississippi State University 

  • Scholarship Amount- Scholarship Amount- Tuition, additional money for room and board
  • Eligibility- All international students with certain SAT scores
  • Brief Description- Mississippi State University is an excellent university especially strong in engineering and agricultural research.


3. Troy University 

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition
  • Eligibility- All international students with certain SAT scores
  • Brief Description- This university has an excellent English as a Second English course to help improve your English.


4. Missouri State University

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition
  • Eligibility- International students who graduated from US high school
  • Brief Description- Missouri State University is one of the best state universities in Missouri.


5. Louisiana State University

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition
  • Eligibility- International students with certain SAT scores
  • Brief Description- Louisiana State University is known for its excellence in the field of business.


6. 48 Other Full Tuition and Fully Funded American University Scholarships 

  • Scholarship Amount- Some are fully funded, some are full tuition scholarships
  • Eligibility- Different for each scholarship
  • Brief Description- This is a list of other full tuition and fully funded scholarships in America. Different universities have different scholarship amount and eligibility requirements.

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      I can’t contact by phone or email. You have all the resources that you need in this post. Please read “how to apply” section of the article for application procedure.

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    It’s my dream to study in America but I don’t think think so, I can get this scholarship.

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    If you are already in a school, can you still apply for a scholarship??

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    Can I apply for these scholarships without SAT?

    • lh1999 says:

      Without SAT, I do not think you can apply for those scholarships since the SAT is the main standardized test scores for most American colleges.

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