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Tohoku University Scholarship

Tohoku University is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. This university is the third largest Imperial University and is one of the National Seven Universities. This university has 10 schools, 17 graduate schools, 3 professional graduate schools, and 7 research institutes. In these different schools, there are total of 17,885 undergraduate and graduate students including 1,455 international students.

Founded in 1911, Tohoku University adopted three principles: “Open Door”, “Research First”, and “Practice Oriented Research and Education”. With these three principles, Tohoku University led innovation in Japanese universities such as accepting female students in the beginning of 20th century and researching in the frontier of science.



As you can see, research is an important part of Tohoku University. Tohoku University is involved in research in a variety of ways:

Tohoku Forum for Creativity 

Tohoku Forum for Creativity is the first international visitor research institute in Japan. It aims to identify problems across all fields, foster young researchers, and promote interdisciplinary research and innovative, focused discussions.



Tohoku’s WPI-AIMR stands for Advanced Institute for Materials Research and is one of nine Premier International Research Centers. This scientific institute combines mathematics and material science by formulating new scientific principles which enables development of new materials. Not only do they develop the materials, but they also use those materials on devices to ensure that those materials are working properly


Global Network 

Tohoku University has academic partnership agreements with 387 of the world’s leading institution including MIT, Harvard, and UC Berkeley, This enables research collaboration among universities which is better significantly than researching on its own.


For more information about research in Tohoku University, visit the official website.



Tohoku University is ranked 75th in the QS World University Rankings. This is not a big surprise due to the intensive research that is occoring in Tohoku University. In same rankings, Tohoku University is ranked 2nd in Japan, while in some rankings, it is ranked in the top five university in Japan.


English Courses

There are many degrees that are available entirely in English at Tohoku University. Undergraduate degrees available in English include engineering and science, and graduate degree available in English include medicine, life sciences, and engineering. To see the complete list of degrees available in English, visit the official website.


Scholarships (Undergraduate Students)

MEXT Scholarships 

  • Scholarship Awards- Tuition, monthly stipend, and airplane tickets
  • Eligibility- All international students
  • Number of Recipients- 460 new students each year (Please note that 460 new student include international students studying in other universities.)
  • For more information about MEXT Scholarships, visit this link.


Presidential Scholarship

  • Scholarship Awards- Tuition and fees (Living stipends for excellent students)
  • Eligibility- All international students
  • Number of Recipients – Approximately 15 students each year
  • For more information about Presidential Scholarships, please visit the official scholarship website.


Graduate Scholarship

MEXT Scholarships  

  • Scholarship Awards- Tuition, monthly stipend, and airplane tickets
  • Eligibility- All international students
  • Number of Recipients- 4,000 new students each year (Please note that these numbers include international students studying in other countries)
  • For more information about MEXT Scholarships, visit this link.


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