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hanyang university scholarships

Hanyang University is one of the top universities in Korea. “Hanyang” was an ancient name for South Korean capital which is now “Seoul”. Founded in 1939, this university is very well-known in Korea and in academic circles in the world because of its excellence in education.

Hanyang University consists of 23 colleges, 60 departments, and 21 graduate schools. In those various institutions of Hanyang University, there are approximately 25,000 undergraduate students and 11,000 graduate students taught by about 5,000 faculty members. To help the undergraduate students finance their degrees, it has awarded close to 97.6 million dollars each year!

The most interesting aspect of Hanyang University is that all student needs to complete an internship in order to graduate. it does a fabulous job in matching students with internship opportunities by establishing internship agreements with more than 160 companies. As some of you know, having an internship experience is critical in getting a good job or furthering your studies. Hanyang University will help you tremendously for you to obtain an internship which will be an asset in the future. For more information about internship and other important facts about Hanyang University, visit the Hanyang First and Only Page.

Another aspect that stands out is the research opportunity. Hanyang University is extremely involved in research, something that is expected in top universities. Every year, it invests hundreds of millions of dollars into research which funds various research such as green energy, fusion technology, and biotechnology. As the result of the big investment in research, Hanyang University has patented 878 domestic and 183 international patents which can only be seen in top universities. To see various research that is currently occurring at Hanyang University, visit Research in Hanyang.

As the result of an emphasis on research and internship opportunities, many alumni of Hanyang University succeeded. Its alumni include Chairman of Hyundai Motors, CEO of Samsung Electronics, Minister of Environment, and various members of Korean Congress.To see the successful alumni from this university, please visit the List of Successful Hanyang Alumni.



Many ranking agencies has ranked Hanyang University high. Top Universities has ranked it to be 155th globally, 43rd in Engineering globally, and 30th in Asia. These rankings are very high because there are thousands of universities in the world. Also, Times Higher Education has ranked it to be 38th in Asia and 351st-400th university in the world. These high rankings show Hanyang’s high academic standard.


Admission Guide

The admission process of Hanyang University for international students is pretty straightforward. They have to submit the necessary documents such as application form, required materials, teacher’s recommendation, and application fee. The admission guide has included all the necessary information also including the admission timetable. To access the admission guide, visit Hanyang Admissions Page.






Hanyang University Tuition

This university’s tuition is very expensive because Hanyang is a private university. For undergraduate students, the tuition fee is $9,000 a year, and the tuition fee for graduate students is $12,000 a year. This will depend on the major that the student pursues. For more information, visit the admission guide linked above.


Hanyang University Scholarships for International Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Korean Government Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition, monthly stipend, airplane ticket, insurance, and other fees
  • Eligibility- International Students
  • Number of Recipients- 170 students each year for undergraduate  students and 700 students each year for graduate students (Please note that this number includes students studying in other universities)
  • Selection Process- Applicants submit their applications to the Korean Embassy in their country. Embassy makes the first selection, and the National Institute for International Education make the final selection.
  • For more information about Korean Government Scholarships, visit this link.


Hanyang International Excellence Awards (Undergraduate) 

  • Scholarship Awards- Up to 70%
  • Eligibility- GPA of previously attended institution is 80  or higher in 100 scale
  • Number of Recipients- Differ every semester
  • Selection Process- Students need to apply while applying for admission
  • For more information about this scholarship and other scholarships available, please visit Hanyang Undergraduate Scholarships.


Scholarships for combined Master’s and Doctoral Program in Engineering and Science

  • Scholarship Awards- Full Tuition
  • Eligibility- There are no eligibility requirements to apply for this scholarship, but in order to retain the scholarships, students are required to have a minimum of 3.75 GPA each semester and two or three papers that are published in scientific journals.
  • Selection Process- Students are selected after they are accepted. There is no need to apply for this scholarship. More information can be found in documents found in the Admissions Page.






Application Dates

  • Spring Term- Applications open in September 11 and closes in September 22.
  • Fall Term- Applications open in April 9 and closes in April 20.



More Information About Hanyang University

This university has much information that has been provided so that international students know what it is like to live at the university. At a Glance Brochure provides you with information that is in a concise manner. This brochure contains useful and insightful information about Hanyang University and its excellence in academics. To view this brochure, please visit At a Glance Brochure.

While At a Glance Brochure gives you a concise information about Hanyang, This comprehensive brochure gives you more details. After you have read At a Glance Brochure, you might want to take a look at this comprehensive brochure. To view this brochure, please visit Hanyang Comprehensive Brochure.


More Scholarships in Korea

There are other excellent universities in Korea that offer scholarships to international students. To get access to this wonderful information, visit the Korean Scholarship Category.

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