Kochi University of Technology Scholarships 2020 (Fully Funded) 

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Kochi University (KUT) is a world class university that promotes unique excellence, and it has contributed greatly to Japan’s progressive education by implementing many revolutionary designs. This small-scale university was a private university, but it is now a public university funded by the government.   

This public university is well-known for its reforms, and it is noteworthy for its gathering of faculty members for world caliber research and outstanding education. Because its facilities are equipped with cutting edge equipment, KUT will continue to create a first-class research environment for prospective students. Two main academic fields at KUT are engineering and economics & management, and the practical aspect of KUT continue to contribute to the solutions to the problems in Kochi and in Japan itself! 

This university consists of 274 faculty members and 224 undergraduate students, and 301 graduate students. These excellent students and faculty are located in 7 schools, 1 graduate school with 13 programs, and 1 professional school with 4 programs.  


Kochi University Scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate) 

MEXT Scholarship 

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition, monthly stipend, airplane ticket 
  • Eligibility- Under 35 for graduate students, 17-22 for undergraduate students 
  • Number of Recipients- 4,042 new graduate students, 460 new undergraduate students 
  • Application Deadline- April to May. The specific deadline is different for different countries. 
  • Application Procedures- Please visit MEXT Scholarship article. 


Kochi University Scholarships (Graduate) 

Special Scholarship Program (SSP) 

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition, entrance examination fee, enrollment fee, monthly living stipend, traveling expenses.
  • Eligibility- Have a master’s degree, under 35 years old, and English proficiency.
  • Application Deadline- September 15, 2017
  • Application Procedure- First, prospective students need to find one or two research projects in SSP Research Project List. Then, the students will need to submit all the Required Documents by the September 15th, 2017 deadline. For more information, please see the Kochi University Scholarship Website.


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