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Cambridge University Scholarships are now available for international students! This university is perhaps the best university in the United Kingdom and one of the best universities in the world. Founded in 1209, Cambridge University is the third-oldest surviving university in the world and was formed by faculty and students of Oxford who left because of a dispute.  

Currently, Cambridge University has over 18,000 students and 11,000 staff located in 31 Colleges and 150 Departments. The Colleges run independently from the university by the faculty of each College. This helps Colleges to decide what is best for their own unique programs and not decided by the University. 

One of the famous departments is the Cambridge University Press, which is the oldest printing house and second biggest of all the university presses around the world. Hundreds of thousands of books are printed annually in a printing house, generating huge income from the printing business. Part of the funds go toward Cambridge University scholarships to help students who have financial difficulty to attend this excellent university.

Another source of income is the research grant from various organizations and from the government. Over 25% of all the Cambridge’s income is from the research grants.

The reason of the huge income from the research grant is the cooperation between the university and high-tech companies for research. The companies benefit from highly skilled researchers, and in return, they pay the university huge sums of money. These funds help to offer Cambridge scholarships to needy students including international.

Because of the funding from the University, many international students have had the opportunity to study at Cambridge. Over 1,300 students are international students, meaning that they live outside the European Union. That is around 11% of all undergraduate students. Some of these students could not have attended this excellent university without the help of Cambridge University Scholarships.

Because of its excellence in academics and its long history, Cambridge has produced more Nobel Prize Laureates than any other institutions. Since 1904, it has produced over 96 Nobel Prize Laureates including 32 in Physics, 26 in Medicine, 22 in Chemistry, 11 in Economics, 3 in Literature, and 2 in Peace. These winners and the success of other alumni proves the excellence of Cambridge.


Helpful Posts

Before you look at the Cambridge University Scholarships, here are some posts that you should take a look at.


Cambridge University Tuition and Fees

The tuition for this excellent university differs according to your citizenship for undergraduate students. For students from the UK, the tuition cost is 9,250 euros per year. For students from EU, the tuition cost is the same.

However, UK has determined to leave the European Union, and for later years, the tuition fee might change for those from the European Union. For international students, the tuition fee for most courses is 19,197 a year. To see the specific rates for each course, visit Fees for International Students.

For graduate students, the tuition fee is vastly different for each degree. However, for most degrees, the tuition fee for home and EU students are 11,000 euros per year, and for international students, the tuition fee for international students is around 25,000 euros per year. For more information about these tuition fees, visit Graduate Fees.


Cambridge University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

As previously mentioned, the tuition fee in Cambridge is very high. Some students could not attend without any scholarships. To help those students to attend, there are many fully funded, full tuition, and part-cost Cambridge University scholarships that are available for undergraduate international students.

Fully funded scholarships are only offered for few countries such as Hong Kong, but there are many full tuition and part-cost scholarships available. The various scholarships are awarded based on your country of origin. To find out scholarships for your own country, visit Cambridge University Scholarship Search. 


Cambridge University Scholarships (Graduate)

Compared undergraduate students, Cambridge offers many scholarships to graduate students. They offer many different scholarships to many different types of people such as citizenship and academic fields. First, I will introduce you to Cambridge University scholarships that are applicable to all international students, and then introduce you to scholarship tool that are specific for just a group of people.

Chevening Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition, monthly stipend, airplane ticket, visa expenses
  • Eligibility- All international students
  • How to Apply- Please see Chevening Scholarship Article.


Cambridge International Scholarships (Ph.D) 

  • Scholarship Amount- Tuition, monthly stipend 
  • Eligibility- All international students
  • Number of Recipients- 250 students each year 
  • How to Apply- There is no separate application form for this scholarship except to check a box in the admission application “wished to be considered for funding.” For more information, visit Cambridge International Scholarships Page.  


Scholarship Search 

There are many fully funded and full-tuition scholarships available for Master’s and Ph.D students based on your country of origin and your field of study. To find out the specific scholarships based on your information, visit University of Cambridge Scholarship Search. 


How to Apply 

The official scholarship website is the best place to find information about the application procedure. If you are looking for undergraduate scholarships, visit Undergraduate Admission Page. If you are looking for graduate scholarships, visit Graduate Admission Page. 


Cambridge University Scholarship Deadline 

  • Undergraduate- The application opens on September 1 and closes in October 15. However, you can prepare you application from late May.
  • Graduate- The application opening date is different for the different field of study, and it closes in December 7 or January 4 based on your field of study. For more information about the graduate scholarship deadline, visit Graduate Funding Page.

The scholarship renews every year, and the deadline is expected to be around to be the same date. So, if the application deadlines have not been updated, expect the deadline to be around the same date.


More Scholarships in the United Kingdom 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this thorough Cambridge University Scholarships Article. Other than this excellent university, there are many scholarships available for international students in other UK University. To access these scholarships, visit UK Scholarships Page.