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Inha University is an excellent private university in Incheon, Korea. Incheon is one of the largest cities in Korea and is close to Seoul. The driving distance from Incheon to Seoul is approximately thirty minutes. Also, this city is home to the Incheon International Airport, which is one of the best airports in the world.

Inha University was founded by Korea’s first president, Syngman Ree, in 1954. Since its founding, it has excellent programs in a variety of fields, and its strongest areas are science and engineering. Inha University started as Inha Institute of Technology but later changed its name. It is ranked 4th in the nation in the field of engineering which indicates its excellence in those fields.

Inha University has approximately 18,500 undergraduate students, 2,200 graduate students, and 1,800 professors. These students and professors are located in various undergraduate and graduate departments and schools.

The motto of Inha University is “Development of Character, Search for the Truth, and Service to Society.” This university is very good in teaching students academics. However, it places an important focus on the development of character. It believes that without good character, students’ education will be futile. After character, the important phrase is “Searching for the Truth.” They emphasize that students need to seek the truth for themselves. Although professors are there to help, it is up to the students to achieve one of the goals of Inha University. The next important key phrase is “Service to Society.” Since the university was founded just after the Korean War, it makes sense that Inha University does emphasize that students do service for this country to heal the nation. After the war, there were many services that these graduates can do for Korea including rebuilding cities, bridges, and roads.


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Inha University is respected in ranking systems in Korea and in Asia. Ranking Web of Universities rank this university as 18th in Korea, and USNews rank it as 22nd in Korea. In rankings among all Asian universities, Times Higher Education ranks it as a 141st-150th university, and Top University ranks it as 111st university in Asia. Since Inha University is known for its engineering programs, it is ranked very high. As previously mentioned, this university has ranked 4th in Korea for their engineering programs.


Inha University Tuition

Undergraduate students are charged the tuition fee of $8,000 a year. Graduate students are charged the tuition fee of $11,000 a year. The tuition fees are high because Inha University is a private institution, and private charge more than public universities. These tuition fees might seem expensive at first, but many scholarships are offered to international students, so it will be lowered.


Inha University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Inha University Scholarships based on English Scores

  • Scholarship Amounts
    • IELTS 9 or TOEFL 115 or higher- Tuition, monthly stipend of 300,000 won, and dormitory expenses for 4 years
    • IELTS 8 or TOEFL 106 or higher- Tuition, monthly stipend of 300,000 won for 4 years
    • IELTS 7 or TOEFL 96 or higher- Tuition for 1 year
  • Eligibility- All international students whose native language is not English (English speakers will be evaluated based on their GPA and entrance test scores for scholarships)
  • Application Procedure- Scholarships will be given according to the student’s test scores. There is no separate scholarship application, and you need to apply for admissions to be considered. For more information, visit the official scholarships website.


Additional Scholarships

There are additional scholarships for undergraduate students in Inha University. For more information, visit Inha University Undergraduate Scholarships Page.


Inha University Scholarships (Graduate)

Jungseok International Scholarship (Ph.D and Master’s)

  • Scholarship Amount- Full tuition for Ph.D, 70% tuition, 50% tuition
  • Number of Recipients- 50 per semester, 30 per semester, 60 per semester respectively
  • Eligibility and Application Procedure- Obtain 80% GPA in the previous degree, have required English proficiency. There is no separate application for this scholarship. You would need to apply for admissions in order to be considered. For more information about eligibility and application procedure, visit Graduate Scholarship Page.


Assistantships (Ph.D and Master’s)

  • Scholarship Amount- From 1.1 million won to 3 million won per semester based on the type of assistantships
  • Eligibility and Application Procedure- You would need to be appointed by the individual departments to receive this scholarship. First, you need to apply for admissions. After you get accepted, you will need to contact the department of your studies. For more information, visit Graduate Scholarship Page.


Korean Government Scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Korean Government offers fully funded scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students. For more information, visit Korean Government Scholarship Article.


How to Apply and Admission Rates

Inha University has streamlined its application process for international students. You would need to apply by online application. You don’t need the pay the application fee since there is no fee for international students. You can find more about required documents, application timeline, and application form in Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions.

Some students may wonder about admission rates in this excellent university. Students can expect to be around 20-30 percent acceptance rates for international students. That is approximately 2-3 times the acceptance rate for Korean students.


More Scholarships in Korea

There are many Korean universities other than Inha University that want to have more international students in their campuses. To achieve this, they offer an incentive of full tuition and fully funded scholarships to international students. To access these scholarships, visit Korea Scholarships Page! Before we end, I have included a video about Korean Government Scholarship, so be sure to check it out in the video guide below.