Vanier Scholarships 2019 (Fully Funded Ph.D)

vanier scholarships

Vanier Scholarships are funded by the Canadian government to invite excellent scholars to Canada. The primary goal is to attract highly qualified doctoral students to study in Canadian universities to aid in research and development which will help the overall rankings of Canadian universities and also benefit Canada overall.  

The nomination and the application process for any government scholarships are quite complicated. I will do my best to aid your overall understanding of the application procedure in this article. 


Scholarship Awards 

$50,000 per year for three years of doctoral studies (Combined Degrees such as MA/PhD are also eligible) 


Number of Recipients 

Up to 167 new students are awarded scholarships annually. Up to 500 scholarships are active any time. 



  • All students are welcome to apply. 
  • Students need to study Health Research, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities. 
  • Students need to have high academic achievements such as first-class average.  
  • There are more scholarship eligibility requirements besides these major ones. For more information, visit the Vanier Scholarships Eligibility Requirements. 


Two Rounds in Vanier Scholarships (Nomination and Application) 

Prospective students need to go through two-step process to receive Vanier scholarships. The first process is for nomination by the universities. Once you are nominated, then the student will apply for Vanier Scholarship itself.  

Nomination Process by the University 

  1. Students need to choose one of Vanier-eligible Canadian universities to seek for nomination. 
  2. Once the desired university has been chosen, students need to submit an online application through ResearchNet to the desired graduate program by the internal deadline (Internal deadline varies, but most deadlines are in late September.) 
  3. Once the university has received your nomination, it will select students who will be nominated. 
  4. Once you have been nominated, you have to apply for Vanier Scholarships itself. 


Application for Vanier Scholarships 

You will receive your nomination results in late September. Once you have been nominated you need to follow these steps: 

  1. Students need to fill out another application via ResearchNet to Vanier Scholarships by November 1. 
  2. With the application, students need to file additional required documents such as CV and Recommendation Letters. You will find those documents when you fill out the application to Vanier Scholarships itself. 


Application Deadline 

  1. Nomination Process by the University- The deadline varies for different universities. Contact the department and university of your choice for specific deadline. 
  2. Application for Vanier Scholarships- November 1st 


Vanier Scholarships Guide 

The official Vanier Scholarships Page has explained the eligibility, nomination process, and application process very thoroughly. Visit the Vanier Scholarships Application Procedure for more information. Also, for your reference, read Vanier Scholarship Guide by University of Toronto and McGill University. 


More Government and Canadian Scholarships 

There are many universities in Canada that offer scholarships to international students. To access these scholarships, visit Canada Scholarship Page.

Also, there are government scholarships available as well. For more information, visit Government Scholarships Category. 

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  1. vianney kathaliko says:

    i would like to get a scholarship by government of Canada but I’m not a international student,so how can i do as to get this on?

  2. Adu Amo Godwin says:

    I am by the name Adu Amo Godwin. I am 18 years of age going to 19 year, and I offered general arts in the secondary school Agona S.D.A senior high school sekyere south Ashanti religion Ghana post office box 30 and am pleading to help me to get a scholarship because I need help to study abroad

    • lh1999 says:

      Hi, you have all the information that you need in this post and on this site. Look for easier scholarships to get in not well-known universities such as in Japan, Korea, and China. Look for application procedure and follow them step-by-step.

  3. Eric Bobai Samuel says:

    My name is Eric Bobai Samuel from Nigeria and am 29 years old. I obtained B. Tech in Computer Science from The Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola. It is my honest wish to further my studies for better knowledge and innovation in another form different from that of my country. I will appreciate it if am being nominated to grant me this opportunity. I long for all these while. I will stay positive and expectant of your feedback. Thank you

    • lh1999 says:


      I’m not the one who administers scholarships. I merely provide information for these scholarships. If you want to study abroad, you need to apply to as many different scholarships as possible. Personally, I suggest east Asian countries because they have cheap tuition compared to US and Canada and gives generous scholarships to international students who are qualified.

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