McGill University Scholarships 2020

//McGill University Scholarships 2020

Now, international students are eligible to receive McGill University Scholarships to study in this excellent institution. The institution is an excellent research university located in Montreal, Canada.

Established in 1821, this university has educated hundreds of thousands of excelling students in many areas of study. It has produced 12 Nobel Laureates, 3 Canadian Prime Ministers, 142 Rhodes Scholars, 13 Canadian Supreme Court Justices, 4 foreign leaders, 11 Grammy Award winners, 28 Olympic medalists, and other alumni that excelled in other areas.

The university itself has a complicated history. The mother university was the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning which was founded in 1801. James McGill, the person who the McGill University is named after, left 10,000 pounds to the Royal Institution in his will to found a college.

So, in honor of his will, the Institution founded a college in Lower Canada named McGill College. Pretty soon after its founding in 1813, it was given a Royal Charter by King George IV to become a university. So in 1821, it could start awarding degrees.

McGill University has done much in pioneering higher education in Canada. First, it created the first medical school in Canada in 1829. Also, it became the first Canadian University to grant Doctor of Medicine in 1833. The only facility that McGill University had from 1829 to 1843 was the School of Medicine.

After 1843, it started to expand into different fields and founded the Faculty of Arts in 1843 and Faculty of Law in 1848. After that, other faculties have been added, and now it offers many programs in different academic areas. If you are interested, you should check out the McGill University Acceptance Rate.

McGill University has approximately 27,000 undergraduate, 9,500 postgraduate, and 5,000 academic and administrative staff. They are located in 300 different programs that this university offers. Since this university has one of the highest admissions standards in Canada, students must be in the top 10% of their class to have a chance to be admitted. 

These students can study any of 340 programs in eleven faculties. Also, they can study in any of 250 masters and doctoral programs. Students can receive McGill University Scholarships to help offset the cost. These programs are offered in many beautiful campuses of McGill University.

Aside from the main campus located in Montreal, there are other campuses in this university. First, there is the Macdonald Campus which house specific Faculty and programs. Also, this university wants to expand to two other campuses and have invested a total of $1.6 billion dollars into this project.

There are many prestigious universities in Canada that offer fantastic scholarships to international students. You should check out scholarships at the University of Toronto, and University of British Columbia!


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McGill University Scholarships (Undergraduate) 

Major Entrance Scholarships

  • Award Amount: Up to $10,000 a year for international students
  • Application Process: You need to submit a separate application right after you submit the application for admission. Please visit the major entrance scholarship page for complete information.


Need-Based Scholarships

  • Award Amount: Depends on circumstances
  • Application Process: After you have received your acceptance letter, you need to send CSS Profile to the university to demonstrate financial need. Please note that you only apply this scholarship after you are accepted. See the Need-Based Aid Page.



  • International students are eligible for work study program, which provides work on campus or near campus that fits their class schedules. Please see the Work Study Page for more information.


Part Time/Full Time Work

  • International students who are full-time students can work off-campus up to 20 hours a week while they are studying. Also, during breaks, they can study up to 40 hours a week. You can use this opportunity to supplement your tuition or living costs.


Undergraduate Admissions Procedure

There are different deadlines and application procedrures depending on the curriculum that you’ve used. Please visit the Application Page for complete information.


McGill University Scholarships (Graduate) 

1. Stravros S. Niarchos Foundation Scholarships for Excellence in Graduate Education (Master’s)

  • Scholarship Amount- Approximately $34,000 to cover tuition, travel, and living expenses 
  • Application Deadline- The application deadline is set by the individual academic unit. Contact the academic unit of your choice for information about the deadline. (After you have submitted the application to the academic unit, the deadline for academic units to submit nominees to Graduate and Postgraduate Studies is March 1st.) 
  • Eligibility- Preference will be given to Permanent Residents of Greece, and students must be admitted to McGill or currently enrolled and hold first class CGPA determined by McGill. 
  • Application Procedure- Students need to submit a paper an application form by the application deadline. The application form and the application form can be found in this link. 


2. Vanier Scholarships (Ph.D)

  • Scholarship Amount- $50,000 a year for 3 years 
  • Application Deadline- September 21 
  • Eligibility and Application Procedure- Please see the Vanier Scholarship Article. 


3. Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students (Ph.D, PostDoc)

  • Scholarship Amount  
    • Doctoral- $25,000 a year
    • Postdoctoral- $35,000 a year 
    • Short Term Research- $3,000 a month
  • Application Deadline- Students needs to submit pre-selection application to individual academic unity by June 29.  
  • Eligibility- All international students are welcome to apply. However, students from Brazil, India, Israel, and Wallonia Region will compete in their own citizenship category. 
  • Application Procedure- This is a two-step process. Students need to first apply to the academic unit for pre-selection by the deadline. If they are selected, then they will be contacted by the scholarship organization to submit required documents and application forms to the agency. For more information about the application procedure, visit Quebec Merit Scholarship Page.


Graduate Admissions

The application procedure is different for different departments. Check the Admissions Page, which is the central admission page for graduate students. Then, for international students, you should check the additional admission requirements for international students page. Like stated before, the application deadline is different for different departments. You can check the Program Pages and click on the interested departments to check the specific deadlines which applies to you.


More Scholarships in Canada 

Many scholarships are offered in Canadian Universities for international students. Please visit the Canada Scholarship Page to access these scholarships.