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University of Westminster scholarships are now available for international students. This is an excellent university in London, UK. It was founded as Royal Polytechnic Institution in 1838 to become the first polytechnic university in the United Kingdom. In 1992, it changed its name to its current name of the University of Westminster because it was awarded the status of a university.

This university currently has about 16,000 undergraduate and 4,000 postgraduate students. Around 5,000 of these students are international students, and many of them receive University of Westminster scholarships for international students. These students are located in 7 schools and 45 various departments. All of these departments have research institutions that get major income by getting research grants from the government and from different organizations.

These students and institutions are located in four different campuses in the United Kingdom. The first three campuses are located at London, the capital of the United Kingdom. Specifically, they are located in Cavendish Campus, Marylebone Campus, and Regent Campus. These are located not far from each other, and students can walk from one campus to the other. The Harrow is located not far from London campuses. These campuses are very beautiful whose beauty students can enjoy.

The core values of the University of Westminster reflect the care that it has for its student’s future. First, it wants to promote a diverse environment for learning. As a result, there are thousands of international students that study at the university. Although many of them had financial difficulties, University of Westminster scholarships were offered for international students so they could study at this excellent institution. This diversity helps the student to have a global mindset so that they could have a global professional life.

The second core value of the University of Westminster is being the very best university for research. In order to do achieve that, they have invested large amounts of money into the research institutions. Other than that, they have spent millions of dollars for University of Westminster scholarships to recruit the best minds from its own nation and around the world. Also, this commitment can be found in facts and figures that represent this university. First, It has the most international student diversity among all universities in United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand according to HotCourses. As stated earlier, this university has 5,000 international students from over 160 different countries which comprises more than 20 percent of the student population.

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University of Westminster Scholarships (Undergraduate)

The University of  Westminster awards many scholarships to undergraduate international students. Not many scholarships are fully funded, but this university offers fully-funded scholarships to undergraduate international students. Typically, only research graduate students receive fully funded scholarships, and undergraduate students don’t because universities lack in funding. However, the University of Westminster has much funding so it is able to give scholarships even to undergraduate students.

Westminster Full International Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount- Full tuition, accommodation, living expenses, airfare 
  • Eligibility- Academic excellence, financial need, development potential 
  • Application Deadline- The application deadline for scholarships on September. However, you will need to fill out an admission application first, which closes on June 30th.
  • Application Procedure- Students need to apply to university admissions first and then apply for scholarships after they have received an offer. For more information, visit Westminster Full International Scholarship. 


University of Westminster Scholarships (Graduate) 

Westminster International Scholarship (Master’s)

  • Scholarship Amount- Full tuition fee award, accommodation, living expenses, and flights to and from London.
  • Eligibility- Equivalent to UK First Class Honors Degree
  • Application Deadline- The application deadline for scholarships on September. However, you will need to fill out an admission application first, which closes on June 30th. 
  • Application Procedure- You have to apply first to the university first and submit the scholarship application after you have received an admission offer from the university. For more information, visit this Scholarship Page!

There are many scholarships at University Westminster available for international students other than the scholarships mentioned above. These scholarships are for specific groups of people such as those from Asia or from Africa.  Also, some scholarships are awarded based on the student’s academic field.  For the complete scholarship list, visit Scholarship Search Page!

How to Apply 

You will need to apply for admission first to be eligible for University of Westminster scholarships. Prospective undergraduate students will need to apply through UCAS, a common application for UK universities. For graduate students, you will need to apply through the application portal. The admissions guides help you through the process of admissions and include vital information about admission dates, scholarship information, and required materials. You can find more information in Undergraduate Admission Guide and Postgraduate Admission Guide. 


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Other than the University of Westminster scholarships, there are many scholarships available in UK for international students. Visit UK Scholarship Page for more information.