University of Saskatchewan Scholarships 2019

University Saskatchewan Scholarships

University of Saskatchewan is an excellent university in Canada. This university was founded in 1907 as a public research university and is a largest university in its province. It currently includes approximately 20,000 undergraduate students and 4,000 postgraduate students. 


University of Saskatchewan Scholarships (Graduate) 

International Dean’s Scholarship (Master’s, PhD) 

  • Scholarship Amount- $18,000 per year for Master’s, $22,000 per year for Doctoral 
  • Eligibility- Students must have an entrance GPA of 85% or higher and also register for the first time thesis-based program at University of Saskatchewan. 
  • Application Deadline- Round 1 closes in December 1, and Round 2 closes in February 2. 
  • Application Procedure- Students must apply for admissions first. After admissions, individual programs will nominate you to apply for the International Dean’s Scholarship. For more information, visit International Dean’s Scholarship Page. 


GWF PhD Excellence Scholarships (PhD) 

  • Scholarship Amount- $45,000 per year 
  • Eligibility- Students must have an entrance GPA of 85% or higher 
  • Application Deadline- Round 1 closes in September 15, and Round 2 closes in February 15. 
  • Application Procedure- Students must prepare application materials and send it to the scholarship foundation. For the list of application materials, address of scholarship foundation, and the complete application process, visit GWF PhD Excellence Scholarship Page. 


How to Apply 

For GWF PhD Excellence Scholarship, students need to send in application materials by mail. For the application procedure, look above to “Application Procedure” section in GWF PhD Excellence Scholarships. For International Dean’s Scholarships, you will need to fill out an online application found in their website. You can access it through this link. Also in this link, you can find information about the required materials and application procedure. 


More Scholarships in Canada 

There are many scholarships in Canada that are available for international students. For more information, visit Canada Scholarship Category. 

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