TU Delft Scholarships 2019 (Fully Funded Master’s)

delft university technology scholarships

Delft University of Technology scholarships are being offered to international Master’s students. Founded in 1842, this university, also known as TU Delft, is the largest and oldest public technology university in Netherlands. Also, this university is one of the best universities in the area of technology and science and is considered to be the best in Netherlands.  

Delft University of Technology has 12,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 graduate students taught by 4,000 professors. These students and professors are being taught in campuses in Netherlands and around the world.  


Delft University of Technology Scholarships (Master’s) 

Justus and Louis van Effen Excellence Scholarships 

  • Scholarship Amount- Full Tuition and Living Stipend for two years 
  • Eligibility- GPA of 80 percent for your bachelor’s degree in a university outside of Netherlands 
  • Application Dates- Application opens in October 1st and closes in December 1st. 


How to Apply 

You need to complete the admission application before you submit the scholarship application. Before October 1st, it is recommended that you look at the required materials and admission procedures in the official scholarship website. After you submit the admission application, you can submit the scholarship application.  

The application materials can be found in Master’s Admissions Page. The application will be opened in October 1st and the deadline is December 1st for the scholarship (April 1st is the admission deadline). The scholarship information can be found in Delft University of Technology Scholarships Page. 


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  1. Kadhim Jwaid says:

    My Regards…
    I am from Iraq,age 57,bachelor chemical engineering and bachelor english language,working as an engineer in “Petroleum Refinery”, wanted to get MSC in “chemical and petroleum engineering’I was lated in my studyK born in 1960,entered University of Technology at 1978 and prisoned in 1982 and avoided to return to complete my study till the regime fall down at 2003, so then completed my study in 2005 and employed in refinery, if there is any chance i shall thank you so much…my greetings.

    • lh1999 says:

      I am so sorry for the hard circumstances that you’ve been through… If you have a good GPA and good English Proficiency Test Scores (TOEFL or IETLS), you should be able to have scholarships in excellent universities. Check you the UT DELFT Scholarships above and other scholarships found in this site. Also, look at “how to apply” sections for application procedures.

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