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Ewha Womans University is the best university in Korea that admits only women. This university was founded in 1886 by an American missionary named Mary Scrantron with only one student. After its founding, it has grown substantially. When Korea has regained its independence from Japan in 1945, it became a university through the acts of the government.

It is also interesting to note that Ewha Womans University became the largest university in the world that is intended for only women. It has around 16,000 undergraduate and 6,000 graduate students that are taught by 1,000 excellent professors. Many of these people are studying at the main campus located in Seoul.

Ewha Womans University’s three fundamental keywords are truth, goodness, and beauty. They believe that all the students in this university need to have the desire to pursue truth and gain knowledge. Also, they believe that every student needs to use the knowledge that they’ve gained to make the society better. Also, they believe that there needs to be a harmony, or beauty, in every individual.



Ewha Womans University is well-considered globally and especially in Korea. This university is ranked 7th in Korea and 48th in Asia due to its high academic standards.

It is the desire of many female Korean students to attend this university and receive a good education. This university is especially well-known for its education program. Being a teacher in Korea is very competitive, and students need to take a very difficult test before becoming a teacher.

Graduates from this university do very well on those tests, making the reputation of this university higher.


Admissions and Acceptance Rates 

International students can apply to this university and gain admissions. Undergraduate students can see the admissions details such as application timeline, eligibility, required documents, and application form in the Undergraduate Admissions Guide. Graduate students can view the details in Graduate Admissions Guide.

The Ewha Womans University’s acceptance rates for Korean students are very low. Only top students from each high school are encouraged to apply to this school. However, acceptance rates for international students are much higher than for Korean students because the school wants to increase the diversity in their campus.


Ewha Womans University Scholarships 

This university offers many scholarships to international students. Ewha Global Partnership Program offers fully funded scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students. Fully funded means tuition fee, dormitory fee, and a stipend.

Also, it has full tuition scholarships for four years or less than four years to international students. If you want to see the eligibility and the number of scholarships, go to Ewha Womans University Scholarships Page.


Ewha Womans University Tuition

If you do receive scholarships from this college, you do not need to pay tuition fees. However for your information, here are some tuition fees per year. For undergraduate students, the tuition fee is around $5,000 per year, and for graduate students, the tuition fee is $6000 per year. For more information, visit Tuition Fee Page.


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