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Kookmin University

Kookmin University is an excellent university in South Korea. It is located in the Seoul, the capital of Korea. The university was established in 1946 to educate the student after the Japanese rule of Korea and became the first private university after the Japanese rule.

The four founding principles of Kookmin University are humanism, nationalism, culturalism, and industrialism. These principles were very important to the Korean society when they were liberated from the Japanese. Humanism, the belief in human goodness and the value of human beings, was important to bring the unity to South Korea. Nationalism, the pride of their nation, was crucial to restoring the national pride of its nation. Culturalism, the belief that individuals are determined by their culture, has helped to break away from the Japanese culture and create their own. Industrialism, or belief that industry of a country is crucial to the development of a nation. These founding principles of Kookmin University were formed to help Korea recover from the Japanese rule.

Although Kookmin University started very small, currently, there are 15,000 undergraduate students and 3,000 graduate students taught by around 700 professors. These students and professors are located in 14 colleges, one graduate school, and 13 professional and special graduate schools such as the School of Law.



Kookmin University is regarded very highly in Korea and in Asia. It is ranked 29th university in Korea by Webometrics and 41st in Korea by the USNews. Also, it is ranked 204th in Asia by Top University. These rankings among thousands and thousands of universities tell us that this university has excellent standards in academics and the good employment rate for its graduates.


Admissions and Acceptance Rates

Kookmin University has made it easy for international to apply to the university by giving clear instructions on its website. The website gives vital information such as admissions guidelines, application dates, required materials, and the application form. If you want this information, visit Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions.

The acceptance rates for international students are more favorable for international students than for Korean students. That means that international students have much better chance to be admitted to Kookmin University compared to Korean students.


Kookmin University Tuition

The tuition in this university is not expensive compared to other universities in USA or UK. The undergraduate tuition for international students is around $7,300 per year and $10,100 per year for graduate students. These costs can be lowered by generous scholarships offered by the university to attract more international students.


Kookmin University Scholarships

There are many students who cannot afford the tuition cost of this university. As a result of this problem, Kookmin University offers many scholarships based on TOPIK scores (Korean Proficiency Exam). For undergraduate students, every foreign student will be awarded 50% tuition scholarships. For graduate students, the scholarship depends on GPA and TOPIK scores. For those who have scored above level 6 in TOPIK, they will receive full tuition scholarships. For more information, visit Undergraduate Scholarships Page and Graduate Scholarships Page.


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