Konkuk University: Admissions, Tuition, Scholarships

Konkuk University

Konkuk University is a private university located in Seoul, Korea. This university is deemed to be excellent in many different academic fields by Koreans. Many Korean students want to attend this excellent university because of its prestige.

This university was founded in 1931 by Dr. Yoo Seok-Chang. It was first established as a junior college called Chosun School of Politics. As the junior college grew, it later became Konkuk University. Currently, there are around 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students studying in 16 undergraduate colleges and 13 graduate schools. Over 3,000 professors teach these excellent students.

There are two campuses in Konkuk University. The main campus is located in Korea’s capital, Seoul. This campus has wonderful transportation because it is right beside the Seoul Metropolitan Subway which provides access to all parts of Seoul very cheaply. Also, many cafes and restaurants are beside the university, and students can enjoy many different cuisines through them. Other than the Seoul campus, there is Chungju campus which is also called GLOCAL campus. These campuses house many prestigious departments of Konkuk University which are biomedicine, bioscience, business administration, and real estate departments.

Konkuk University is a friendly campus for international students. Each year, thousands of international students study at this university because of its academic excellence. Also, this university offers over 500 English courses each semester which is beneficial to international students whose native language is English. For international students whose native language is not English, it is still easier for them to attend English lectures than attend Korean lectures. Many courses that are taught in English helps international students to adjust to this university.

There are three keywords that define Konkuk University: “Sincerity, Fidelity, Righteousness.” This university wants for their students to get an excellent education; however, they also want their students to develop their character to be more sincere and to pursue righteousness. They want their students to have the heart to do more service to lift the needy.

The major objective of this university is to become one of the world’s top 100 universities by 2031. This goal is called Renaissance Konkuk 2031. To achieve this goal, Konkuk University started five strategic projects. They are projects based on “education, research, globalization, reputation, management.” These projects will be central to the University becoming one of the top 100 universities by 2031.


Konkuk University Rankings

This university is well-regarded among Korean universities. The rankings show that that is true. It is ranked 12th in Korea according to the Ranking Web of Universities and 21st according to USNews. The excellence in academics and also prestige play a factor in the high ranking of Konkuk University.



The tuition fee for undergraduate students in Konkuk University is $7,000 a year. For graduate students, the tuition fee is $14,000 a year. These fees vary depending on the major that the student pursues. Also, there are many scholarships that can cover these fees as well.


Konkuk University Admissions

The university has provided admissions guide for international students every semester. In it, there is important information for admissions including application deadlines, required application materials, application forms, and other information. To access this important data, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions.



The tuition fee is very high for international students because it is a private university. To help international students study in Korea, there are many Konkuk University scholarships that are offered. For undergraduate students, up to 100% tuition waiver is offered, and for graduate students, up to 50% tuition waiver is offered. These tuition waivers are based on GPA of the previous semester. If you want more information, visit the admissions guide found above.


More Universities in Korea

There are many Korean universities that would love to have more international students. To attract them, they offer many scholarships to international students. To see the list of scholarships, visit Korean Scholarships Category.

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