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University of Seoul

The University of Seoul is a public university located in Seoul, Korea. Many students do confuse University of Seoul with Seoul National University, one of the SKY universities. Although University of Seoul is considered inferior to Seoul National University, it is still one of the best universities in Korea. This university was established in 1918 with a different name of Kyung Sung Public Agricultural College. Later, it has changed its name to the current name, University of Seoul.

This university is currently funded by the government of Seoul, and many students are satisfied with the result. The government subsidizes heavily the student’s tuition fee, so students are happy with the low tuition compared to other universities. In 2012, the government further subsidized the tuition, cutting its tuition in half, and became one of the few universities in Korea to do so. Because of the funding, many students chose to attend this university, and also the dropout rate is very low.

The motto of University of Seoul is “Truth, Creation, and Service.” The students feel obligated to do service to the community as the result of the subsidized tuition that they receive. As the result, many students go out to Seoul’s communities to do volunteer work at various non-profit organizations. They try to fulfill their social duty as a student of a public university.

Currently, University of Seoul has around 10,000 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students. These students are taught by 1,200 qualified professors. These students and faculties are located on the main campus of Seoul.



The University of Seoul is regarded to be a very prestigious university in Korea. The rankings prove the fact well as it is the 12th university in Korea. Also, in Top University, it is ranked 95th in Asia. These rankings tell that University of Seoul is one of the best universities in Korea.


University of Seoul Admissions

This university has a speedy admissions process for international students. They made a guide containing application procedures, admissions timetable, application forms, and required materials. You can access these guides by going to Admissions Page.








The tuition for international students is not expensive because University of Seoul is a public university. For graduate students, the tuition fee is $5,000 per year, and for undergraduate students, the tuition fee is $3,000 per year. This tuition fee will differ according to the student’s major. If you want more information, visit the admissions page above.


University of Seoul Scholarships

There are many scholarships offered to international students at this university. It offers full-tuition scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students based on GPA. If you are interested for more details, visit University of Seoul Scholarships Page.


More Universities in Korea

Korean universities are eager to recruit international students. To do that, they offer many scholarships to help needy students to study at their excellent universities. If you want more information about these universities, visit Korean Scholarships Category.

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  1. Favour madubuike says:

    My name is Favour, and I am from Nigeria. I would like to apply for a scholarship at Seoul National University. I would like to know the details and where to take the exam. I will be grateful if you accept my request.


    Please, may I have the sponsorship from your university? My preference is to study biomedical engineering in South Korea at your university.
    By the way, you may have university branch here in Tanzania of medical engineering program. The demand is very high
    professionally, and I’m a medical laboratory scientist with first degree.

    • lh1999 says:

      Please know that this website is not directly connected to this university, so I cannot grant you sponsorships, admissions, or scholarships. This website only provides information about this university. If you want sponsorship, please apply for this university using the information above.

  3. Jasur says:

    My name is Jasur, and I am from Uzbekistan . I would like to know which IELTS score is required for University of Seoul and also the information about summer deadlines.

  4. Md sakil khan says:

    How can I apply for the University of Seoul. Do I need to speak Korean?

  5. Fatal karim says:

    I’m MSc in physics from Pakistan and want to do my MPhil from University of Seoul in Korea. Please guide me in this regard.

    • lh1999 says:

      Hi, the application process is clearly explained in the official scholarship website. Please read it carefully and ask me specific questions.

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