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Chung Ang University

One of the best private universities in Korea is Chung Ang University. It was started as a kindergarten school in 1918 and later turned into a school that trained kindergarten teachers. Then, it became a university in 1953 because of its expansion into other academic fields. Because it was founded in 1918, this university has celebrated its centennial in 2018.

When Chung Ang University was founded in 1918, the university has endured the painful moment in Korean history. Korea, in 1918, was under the Japanese rule, and many atrocities has been done to the Koreans. In order to overcome the Japanese rule, many universities have been founded to educate Koreans to become nation’s future leaders and workers to heal the nation during and after Japanese rule. Chung Ang University was one of those universities that were founded during the rule to train future leaders and workers. Because of these universities that trained intellectuals, Korea had a fast transition to become one of the leading nations of the world from one of the poorest nations on the earth.

The motto of Chung Ang University is “Truth and Justice.” This motto was essential to the development of this university because it was part of the painful moments of Korean history. Truthful individuals were essential to become the leaders of Korea and to lead the nation to become prosperous. Individuals with justice were needed to ensure justice in the turbulent times after the Japanese rule. Intellectuals without truth or justice were not helpful, even harmful to the infant nation of Korea, and Chung Ang University wanted to train intellectuals not just with knowledge but with truth and justice. These intellectuals were essential in the nation of Korea.

The university has 33,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students taught by 1,200 full-time and part-time professors. These students are located in many undergraduate colleges and graduate schools and also in two different campuses in Seoul and Ansung. Although it is one of the best universities in all academic fields, Chung Ang University is recognized as the best university in Korea in the fields of pharmacy, art education, and culture. Many students study at this university and become successful in their fields because of its excellence in all academic fields.



As stated earlier, Chung Ang University is deemed to be one of the best private universities in Korea. It is partially because of its prestige due to its long history and also the history of academic excellence. The university has been ranked to be 60th in Asia by the Times Higher Education and 24th in Korea by the USNews. These high rankings from the esteemed ranking services prove that this university is one of the best in Korea and in Asia.


The admission process to Chung Ang University is relatively simple. The university has provided international students with clear admissions guides containing admissions timetable, process, tuition, and scholarships. To access these information, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions.


Chung Ang University Tuition 

The tuition fee of this university is very expensive because it is a private institution. The tuition fee is around $7,000 per year for undergraduate students and $10,000 a year for graduate students. These fees change based on the student’s field of study. Although the tuition fee is very expensive compared to public universities in Korea, Chung Ang University does give generous scholarships to help offset the cost. These scholarships will be very helpful for international students with financial difficulties.


Chung Ang University Scholarships

There are many scholarships that are offered to international students by this university. Undergraduate students can be offered up to 100% tuition scholarships, and graduate students are also offered 100% tuition scholarships. The students are awarded scholarships based on their previous GPA. For more information, visit the admissions links above.


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