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Jeju National University

Jeju National University is one of the public national universities in Korea and is located in Jeju Island. This university was founded in 1952 as two different universities. In 2008, the two universities merged to become the current Jeju National University. Currently, there are 10,000 undergraduate students studying in 10 different undergraduate colleges, and there are 1,500 graduate students studying in 9 different graduate schools.

Jeju Island is famous for its tangerines and tourist attractions. Located in the southernmost part of Korea, it has one of the best nature in Korea. The dream of many Koreans is to retire on this island because of the warm climate and the beautiful nature. Students who study at Jeju National University can enjoy both nature and the warm climate that this wonderful island provides.

This national university is famous for its fields in medicine and marine science. Because of its location, it has access to the oceans which is convenient for the marine science departments to perform experiments and study its environment. Also, Jeju National University has opened a hospital in which its medical students can practice and perform their clinical. Because the island is a major tourist attraction, this university hospital is critical to the well-being of tourists that come around the world.



Jeju National University is ranked as one of the top universities among thousands of universities in Korea and in Asia. USNews has ranked it as 39th in Korea, and the Ranking Web of Universities has ranked it to be 36th in Korea. Also, USNews has ranked it to be 339th in Asia. Although it may not seem true, this ranking is relatively high, factoring in the fact that there are literally thousands of universities in Korea and in Asia.


Jeju National University Admissions

This university has facilitated the application process for international students so that it will be easy for them to apply. To apply, please view Undergraduate and Graduate Application Guide. These guides will help you in your application process by providing you the application forms and required materials. So, if you do want to apply, you really should read those guides very carefully.



The tuition fee for Jeju National University is very affordable. As an international undergraduate student, you can study in this excellent university for $3,000 a year, and as a graduate student, you can study for $4,500 a year. This tuition fee is very low compared to other universities in Korea. If you want the tuition rates for specific departments, visit Tuition Fees Page.


Jeju National University Scholarships

Many students are awarded scholarships by this national university. The first-year undergraduate students are eligible for up to 20%  tuition scholarships based on the TOPIK score. From the second semester and on, full-tuition scholarships are available based on the previous semester’s GPA. For more information about this scholarship, visit the Scholarships Page. For graduate students, there is no specific page detailing the scholarship information, but it will award scholarships based on GPA as with all Korean universities. Also, many students are eligible for scholarships by working as teaching assistants and research assistants.


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