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One of the best private Korean universities is Sejong University, It was established in 1940 in Seoul as Kyung Sung Humanities Institute. As the institute became larger and added more facilities, it was renamed to Sejong University in honor of Sejong the Great, the king who created the Korean character. Sejong the Great was a great king of Korea who had lead Korea into the golden age of prosperity. Under his rule, Chosun, the old name for Korea, has prospered, and common men have learned to read because of the easier Korean character rather than hard Chinese characters.

There are around 16,000 undergraduate students and thousands of graduate students who are studying in 9 different undergraduate colleges and 7 graduate schools in Sejong University. These students study on the beautiful campus in Seoul. The university has great academic programs especially in the tourist management and animation programs. These programs are considered to be the best programs in Korea.

There are many educational goals of Sejong University that are training their students to be “Creative Individual, Acting Professional, Holistically Cultured Person, and Dedicated Citizen.” The goal of this university is not only to give their students an excellent education, but also teaching them to become creative, professional, cultured, and dedicated. They want their students to have character and knowledge. If you do attend Sejong University, you will be taught these things as well as academics.



The rankings of Sejong University are very high in many ranking systems. It is ranked to be 30th in Korea according to CWUR and 18th in Korea by the USNews. Also, it is ranked to be 99th in Asia by the Times Higher Education and 99th in Asia by Top University. These are very high because there are thousands of universities in Korea and in Asia. These rankings show that this university is academically excellent, and its students become successful. 


Sejong University Admissions 

The admissions process is clearly described in the admission guide for international students. This includes a timetable, required materials, deadlines, and scholarship information. To access this information, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Admission Guides.



The tuition fee of Sejong University might seem very high for some international students. The undergraduate student’s tuition fee is $7,500 per year, and for graduate students, the tuition fee is $9,500 per year. The specific tuition fee which depends on your major can be found in Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition Fee.


Sejong University Scholarships

International students are awarded scholarships based on TOPIK scores and English Proficiency scores. TOPIK is a Korean Proficiency Exam and is used by many universities to award scholarships. For both undergraduate and graduate students, up to 100% tuition scholarships are awarded based on their scores. These scholarships can be used by needy international students to study in one of the best universities in Korea. For more scholarship information, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships.


More Scholarships in Korea

Sejong University offers awesome scholarships to international students. Other than this university, there are many universities that offer awesome scholarships in Korea. For more information, visit Korean Scholarships Category. Before you go, I have included a video guide that shows the application procedure for Korean Government Scholarships, so please check this video out if you have time.