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Chungnam National University

A public university in South Korea, Chungnam National University is one of the ten Flagship Korean National Universities. It is in the year 1952 that Chungnam National University (CNU) was founded. Their motto is “Creativity, Development, and Service to the Community”. They not only have the top faculties but also have great educational and active research capabilities apart from their academic-industrial cooperation. It is expected that in the near future, Chungnam National University will become a leading Korean university and will be a world-class institution along with local regional development.

Here are some quick facts about Chungnam National University-

  • In 50 countries, Chungnam National University has 294 sister institutions
  • The dormitories in the university is proclaimed as “English Zones”
  • Each year, above 600 students take part in study abroad programs
  • Providing Korean language course to a lot more than 2,100 students per year
  • In four countries, with 18 universities, they are running dual degree programs

Chungnam National University stands out among the other universities because of the following-


Compared to other major universities in Korea, the tuition rate offered by Chungnam National University is the lowest. Among all the students, almost 40% students are eligible for applying for scholarships. And the best thing is that the cost of living is low.

The infrastructure of the campus

The learning environment, as well as the e-learning network that this university provides, is top-notch. The computing and information system is exceptional. There are a lot of student services facilities that this university offers including coffee shops, gym, travel agency, post office, bank, and health clinic. In the global campus of Chungnam National University, there are about 1200 students from 30 different countries.

Great job opportunities

For Venture Company, in the on-campus incubator center, there is a job opportunity. In the university, there are different employment-supporting programs. There are a number of job opportunities for internship training, research collaboration, and top jobs.

Effective support system for international students

For international students, Chungnam National University offers a one-to-one support system. The students will also get assistance in a number of things such as immigration, visa, adjustment to life in Korea, course registration as well as personal matters. The students will get invitations to the social and cultural events all the year. Also, they will get all the required information for smooth transition to Chungnam National University.


Chungnam National University Rankings

This university is ranked in the top ten percent of all universities in Korea. First, CWUR ranked it to be 21st in Korea. Also, Times Higher Education has ranked it to be 251-260th in Asia, and Top University has ranked it to be 153rd in Asia. These are decent ranking for a university, and it will become higher because this university wants to become one of the best universities in Korea.



Chungnam National University admissions are made easier because of the admission guides. You can view these guides in Undergraduate and Graduate Page. By reading these guides, you will get access to critical information regarding the application process such as required materials, application forms, and admission submission deadlines. Please read these guides carefully.


Chungnam National University Tuition

The university charges $4,000 per year as tuition fee for undergraduate students. It also charges $6,000 per year as tuition fee for graduate students.  As stated earlier, the Chungnam National University tuition fee is the lowest in the nation and in the world. One of the primary reasons is that the university is a public university and thus heavily subsidized by the government.



Although the tuition fees are very low, some international students might have a difficult time getting money to pay these tuition fees. For those with financial difficulties, Chungnam National University has provided generous scholarships to those in need. For undergraduate students, the top 30% of all international students do get full tuition scholarships. For graduate students, TOPIK Level of 5 or iBT of 95 is required for full tuition scholarships.


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