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Keimyung University

Founded in the year 1899, Keimyung University is a private university that is located in South Korea. It is regarded as a Christian university that is made by the leaders of the Northern Presbyterian Church, namely Edward Adams, Kang Ingu and Choi Jaehwa. Commonly known as KMU, there are three campuses that this university has in the city of Daegu. These three campuses are given individual names. The campus that is situated near the downtown area is known as Daemyeong, and the one that is located in the western part of the city is known as Seongseo. Then there is the third campus, the name of which is Dongsan.

The main aim of Keimyung University was to teach Koreans with higher levels of education and of course, firmly anchored in Christianity. It was Keimyung Christian College that Keimyung University originated from. So, in the year 1978, when the status of Keimyung College got higher and became a university, it actually marked the starting of a new era of development.  

One part of the development was a hospital named Dongsan Presbyterian Hospital. It is with this hospital that the university got merged in the year 1980. When this hospital re-opened after staying closed for some time, it was given a different name. The name was Keimyung University Medical Center. This hospital is one of the most renowned local hospitals that offered 81 years of service, which is no doubt commendable.

This University of South Korea is home to more 2,400 faculty members and employees and above 27,000 students. There are more than 25 majors as well. They always aim in providing the best education to all the students, including the ones who don’t have much money to continue their studies. They have scholarship programs for these students. They are proud to announce that in the last year they were able to offer a whooping as well as a record amount of 75 billion for their scholarship program. For talent development, what they plan is to offer special scholarships as well as improve their existing scholarship programs.

All that Keimyung University wants is to enhance the quality of research as well as education. They strive to recruit the best experts in the different fields of education so that the institution becomes a learning hub for all kinds of students and their economic condition does not act as a barrier is receiving the best class education.



Keimyung University is ranked by many ranking systems. First, it is ranked 45th in Korea by the Ranking Web of Universities. Also, it is ranked 30th by Unirank. Although these rankings indicate that this university is not in the top place in Korea. It is still regarded as an excellent university which provides good education to students.


Keimyung University Admissions

The admissions process to this university is relatively easy. The undergraduate students and graduate students are provided admissions guide for them to read and follow. These guides contain everything that students need to know about the admission process, and you can access these guides by clicking in Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Page.


Tuition Fee

The undergraduate student’s tuition fee for international students is $7,500 a year, and graduate student’s tuition fee is $10,000 a year. As stated earlier, Keimyung University tuition fee is reduced by many scholarships that it offers to international students. To see this information, read the next section.


Keimyung University Scholarships

Many scholarships are provided by Keimyung University to reduce the financial strain of their students. First, they provide full tuition scholarships to current international students based on their previous semester’s GPA, and for graduate students, they provide 70% tuition scholarships based on their TOPIK and English Proficiency scores.


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