Study in China: 5 Best Chinese Scholarships for International Students

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Do you want to study in China with fully funded Chinese scholarships? If so, you should definitely read this article. Many different organizations and Chinese universities offer scholarships for international students to study in China. This great opportunity to study not only lets you be educated in best universities in the world, but also lets you travel new places.

Travelling is something every young man wants. You want to see places, meet people, make friends, get in touch with other cultures, and so on. Apart from that, you want to study about your favorite topic or industry, such as medicine, IT, marketing or whatever you like.

Being an international student combines these two very pleasant activities. You get to travel a lot, make new friends, and see new places. Also, you want to study in different places such as China. The era of globalization makes these two activities possible.

A thing that every international student keeps in mind is his budget when studying in China. The first few weeks are very rough, meaning that you have lots of expenses. Buying tickets to get there, setting in, buying all the necessary things, bus pass, books, copybooks, and many more.

Something you should keep in mind is the fact that for the development of higher education and a better understanding of the Chinese culture the great majority of cities have created a various offer of scholarship programs. Through these scholarship programs, they aim to attract eminent international students. Through this process, they want to enhance the talent developing, scientific investigations, and social services

Here are a few scholarships you should consider when you want to study in China.

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1.   Dalian Medical University Bilateral Program for Bachelor Degree

The one of the best Chinese scholarships is offered by Dalian Medical University. Unlike other government provided scholarship, this is solely for the medical industry. Basically, if you want to study clinical medicine or stomatology, this scholarship is for you.

There are 15 Chinese scholarships offered and they cover virtually everything. Tuition and registration fees, basic learning materials, accommodation fees, medical insurance, all you can think of.

You should keep in mind that the registration process ends on July 1st of every year. Also, a very important aspect of the application process is that you should be under 25 years of age by the time the application process ends. These application dates and the age requirements are vital for Dalian Medical University Bilateral Program.

Considering the medical system reform China has gone through in the past decade, a study opportunity in this country is something an international student should consider. To apply, please visit the CUCAS Scholarship Site.

2.   Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship for Bachelor Degree

According to Nanjing University’s site, all types of students can apply for this scholarship to study in China. Whether you want to get a degree or you opt for a non-degree program, you have a chance to study the topic you like. Also, you can apply for bachelor, masters, and doctoral programs, as well.

In terms of requirements, here are a few you should keep a close eye on:

  • Age
    • BA– Under 30
    • MA– Under 35
    • Ph.D.– Under 40
  • Diploma in the previous study cycle. For example, if you want to apply for a masters’ degree, you need to have a bachelor degree diploma
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Recommendation Letters

Jainsu Jasmine Scholarship for Bachelor Degree, like many others, aims to attract the 2:2 and above echelons of the international students. Even so, if your application essay highlights your interest in their country and the study program, you might get in, even if you are below these standards.

3.   Graduate Program Chinese Government Scholarship

Ryan McCain highlights the following “This is a more generic scholarship. Unlike the one from the Dalian Medical University, this one covers vast domains. For example, you can get this scholarship if you study law, public health, economics, investment banking, engineering, and many more.”

Ryan highlighted perfectly the increased competition when applying for this scholarship. Being available for multiple domains, the students who apply go through a thorough selection process.

A few take takeaways from this scholarship are:

  • This is destined for Masters Program and PhD students
  • Registration fees, tuition fees, internship fees, basic learning material fees, and laboratory experiment fees are covered
  • English proficiency certificates are needed (TOEFL or IETLS)
  • Two recommendation letters from former teachers or employers are necessary

You should definitely consider one of the best Chinese scholarships. The Master Program Chinese Government Scholarships will help you to study in China. To apply, visit CUCAS Scholarships Page.

4.   MOFCOM Scholarship

Future Masters or Ph.D. students, this one is destined for you. Created by People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce, MOSCOM Scholarships aims to improve the communication and collaboration China and other countries.

This Chinese scholarship is very comprehensive and it will get you through your master’s degree or Ph.D. Apart from covering the tuition and registration fees, it offers a one-off resettlement fee, medical insurance, and on-campus accommodation fees.

The most important aspects of this scholarship would be:

  • 3000 RMB per month, if you are a master student;
  • 3500 RMB per month, if you are a Ph.D. student;
  • One round trip to and from China for when you arrive and when you graduate
  • One round trip per year from China to your home country

To apply for the MOFCOM Scholarship, one of the best Chinese scholarships, visit CSC Site.

5.   Silk Road Scholarship Program

This is a full scholarship created by the Chinese Ministry of Education and its main aim is to bring to China extraordinary international students. This is a very coveted scholarship and it has only 7 seats available for the 2017/2018 academic year.

The main purpose of the Silk Road Scholarships is to support the cooperation between the countries along the world-famous Silk Road. Through this scholarship, they try to revive and improve the old economic partnerships between the countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

The terms and conditions of the Silk Road Scholarships are quite general, even though they include only the EMEA region. Even so, due to the very small number of this Chinese scholarships available, the competition is fearsome.

Study in China

During our student years that’s all we want to do, travel, make friends, and learn as much as possible. China is one of the most important economies in the world. Apart from that, its culture is very complex and you will need quite some time to get used to it.

Being an international student in China is the best method of doing all these activities, travel, make friends, and learn. Next time you think about studying in China, take a look at these Chinese scholarships and choose the one that suits you best. It all depends on your affinities and the industry you want to study in China. Last but not least, I have included a video guide for Confucius Institute Scholarships for students who are interested in applying.