Kyungpook National University: Scholarships, Admissions, Tuition

//Kyungpook National University: Scholarships, Admissions, Tuition

Kyungpook National University

In South Korea, Kyungpook National University or KNU was founded with the support of the residents as a regional education hub and in much less time became one of the best universities in South Seoul. It is in the year 1951 that this university, located in the fourth largest city in the country, Daegu, received its status as a university.  

Achievements and awards 

At Kyungpook National University, research and education go hand in hand. The new talents in the industry not only gain knowledge but also enjoy their university life. In order to nurture the world-class talents, they retain their research and educational capabilities. In the QS Asian University Evaluation, KNU has ranked 5th for the number of papers published. It has received funds of 6 billion from the Ministry of Education for seven University Specialization Projects. For new medical development for the Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Complex, this university was chosen as the execution organization. Added to this is their International Education Quality Assurance (IEQAS) accreditation that they were awarded by the Korean government.  

Global data-driven university 

Kyungpook National University can be regarded as a global competitor. They have research capabilities with the help of which they can give the global standards a tough competition. They aim at cultivating talents that have that spark in them to lead the world someday. They create knowledge and lead the stream of intelligence. This is a university that has one of the largest campuses in the nation as well as operating infrastructures. They strive to impress both the nation and the world.  

Kyungpook National University takes pride in the education that they offer the students. It is in the investment in human resources development that this university gives priority to. They produce highly talented individuals who have the wisdom of scientific technology as well as cultural insight. They believe in producing passionate professionals who love taking up new challenges and have that zeal in them to lead the world with innovation and creativity. They create a productive environment where the students, staff and the teachers cooperate each other.  

Kyungpook National University has dormitories for international as well as domestic students who are attending this university from outside the city. In each dormitory, there is a recreation hall, gym, computer labs, meeting room and laundry facilities. If you want to enroll yourself in this university, you can always do that.  



Many ranking agencies have evaluated Kyungpook National University and ranked it. First, it was ranked by CWUR to be 8th in Korea and 337 in the World. Other ranking agencies such as Times Higher Education has ranked the university to be 171-180th in Asia and 601-800th in the world. Also, USNews has ranked it 10th in Korea, 94th in Asia, and 555th in the world. These rankings help students to determine that Kyungpook National University is an excellent university that is competitive in Korea and in Asia. 



Since there are many international students who wish to study in Kyungpook National University, clear admission guidelines have been provided for their benefit. You can access these guidelines in Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Page. The first step to applying is to read this important guide and to note important information such as tuition, scholarships, admission deadline, and required materials.


Kyungpook National University Tuition

The tuition fee at this fabulous institution is very inexpensive. Undergraduate students can study here by paying $4,000 a year, and graduate students can pay $7,00 a year for tuition. These tuition fees can be lowered by receiving generous scholarships provided by the institution. The reason for inexpensive Kyungpook National University tuition fees is that it is a public university and also a national university. Therefore, it receives huge sums of money from the Korean government to hand out scholarships to needy students. 



On top of low tuition fees, first-semester undergraduate students can get 80% tuition scholarships by receiving TOPIK score of 5 or higher. After the first semester, top 7% of all international students are eligible for 80% tuition scholarships. Graduate students can receive up to full tuition scholarships based on their language ability, research ability, and academic skills. For more information, visit the admission guides in the previous section.


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