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The University of Calgary is a public research university that is located in Calgary in the state of Alberta, Canada. It is considered to be among the most excellent institutions of higher education and has offered high standards of quality education for its students since its inception in 1966. However, its history dates back to the start of the 20th century where it was originally a part of the University of Alberta in 1908, separating in 1944 and finally until it gained its autocratic status nearly 6 decades after.

Since its founding, University of Calgary has strived to provide the highest standards of education to hundreds of thousands of students in its alumni network. Currently, around 25,000 undergraduate students and 6,000 graduate students are studying in various campuses. Academically, the university is comprised of 14 faculties as well as 85 cutting-edge research institutes. After students graduate, employment opportunities are abundant with the high standards of a Calgary degree. These graduates succeed in various fields which is one of the core reasons why many students want to study in University of Calgary. Among the successful alumni that the university proudly produces, prominent names include James Gosling, Stephen Harper, and Robert Thirsk. For those who do not know, Gosling invented the Java programming language. Stephen Harper was a Canadian Minister and Robert Thirsk was an astronaut.

I previously mentioned in the above paragraph that University of Calgary has many different campuses in which students can study and reside at. These beautiful campuses include the main campus located in Calgary which houses the majority of the university’s facilities and provides accommodation for most of the students. In addition to this, there are the West Campus, a huge land granted by the Alberta government, the Health Science Campus, the Downtown Campus and the Spy Hill Campus. The university eventually decided to expand into international territories and its latest addition to these campuses is the Qatar campus which was built in 2007. The goal of this campus is to provide the world’s best nursing programs in the world.

The University of Calgary is also one of the few universities in Canada to offer a wide range of scholarships for its students. So where do the University of Calgary scholarships come from? There are many sources of income for this university. Like other universities, its main income is tuition fees, but it receives further significant income from research grants. These grants are given by many Canadian organizations and the government because of its high research profile and consistent contributions to the economy by professors and students. The total income of the University of Calgary is $1.1 billion, which includes research grants that amount up to $360 million. As you can see, the research grant comprises a vast percentage of the income. Because of the large revenue, many students are fortunate enough to receive University of Calgary scholarships to help them fund their respective tuition fees.

University of Calgary Scholarships

Degrees of Academic Study

Prospective students have a wide range of degrees that they can choose to study in the University of Calgary. The faculties offers a variety of courses for students ranging from Medicine and STEM subjects to law and humanities. There are more than 240 programs available for undergraduate (bachelors), postgraduate (masters) and PhD or research students. Furthermore, students have access to a variety of academic resources available as well, which includes (but is not limited to) eight university libraries, two art museums and an official University Press. The libraries hold a vast amount of academic materials and subscription to many academic papers so that students can research and write their papers.


The admission process for international students are very similar to that of domestic or local students. For undergraduate students, the application opens on September 15th of each year. The regular application deadlines tend be around March 1st of the following year.  Prospective students who are applying for scholarships should further note that the deadline for the prestigious University of Calgary scholarships is December 15th. The applications for both cases are accepted online.  It should further be noted that the only difference between domestic and international application is that international students should be able to show proof of language, as English Language is a mandatory requirement. This can be through tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Please visit the admissions website for further details.

In the case of graduate students, the application process is just as similar as that of undergraduate students. However, a key difference is that graduate students need to provide proof of immigration status. While students can be concerned about the immigration status after they are admitted, they can contact the office of international students for this concern and any queries.

For further information about international admissions, feel free to visit the Undergraduate and Graduate Page. These pages have all the necessary details that you will need to apply as an international student. If you need more help, you can contact the international admission office.

The University of Calgary Scholarships (Undergraduate)

In the case of undergraduate students, international students are eligible full tuition scholarships (and possibly more) if they do get the most prestigious award. The entrance scholarships are the most frequently awarded University of Calgary scholarships, and typically consist of two types of awards.

University of Calgary Schulich Leaders Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount- $25,000 per year for four years
  • Number of Awards- 2
  • Eligibility- Must be international student with high academic merit. Typically awarded for undergraduate students entering a STEM program at the university. The scholarship can be renewed annually and students are required to have a GPA of 3.20 over 24 units.
  • Application Process- There is no separate application process. All students are considered for this award. For more information, see this link.

University of Calgary Chancellor’s Club Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount- $10,000 for four years
  • Number of Awards- Variable but usually around 40 recipients are chosen.
  • Eligibility- The Chancellor’s Club Scholarships are among the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship programs in the university. The club attracts the best and brightest of Calgary from across the province and country. It is a section of the Chancellor’s Club which is a high profile society within the university.
  • Application Procedure- Same as above. For more information, visit this link.

University of Calgary Scholarships (Graduate)

Compared to the undergraduate scholarships, there are far more scholarships that are available for international postgraduate students. There are many scholarships offered by the Canadian government and the provincial government. Vanier scholarships and Alberta scholarships fall into this category.  In addition to this, the university itself do award many scholarships to graduate students as well such as the Doctoral Entrance Awards.

Dean’s International Doctoral Recruitment Scholarships

Vanier Scholarships

  • Scholarship Awards- $50,000 per year
  • Degree Program- PhD
  • Application Process- Please see this link.

Master’s Scholarships

For a general list of all the University of Calgary scholarships available for international graduate students, visit the Scholarships Page. This list has information for Vanier scholarships, Alberta scholarships, Doctoral Entrance Awards, Graduate Award Competition, and so much more. Furthermore, we also recommend using the University of Calgary Scholarship Search Engine which will be helpful for identifying and locating scholarships for your specific field.

More Scholarships in Canada

We hope that this thorough guide helps you in your search for scholarships in Canada. There are many other universities that offer numerous scholarships as well and you can find them in Canada Scholarships Category.

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