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Dongduk Women's University

A private university in Seoul, South Korea, Dongduk Women’s University (DWU) was founded by a Korean independence activist named Cho Dong-Shik. This university consists of 7 graduate schools, 16 departments of major and 8 colleges. There are nearly about 350 faculty members and 7 500 students in this prestigious university. The late Dr. Cho used to believe that in order to enlighten people about the social as well as other situation, education is extremely important. And this is exactly what made him establish this university.

For students, Dongduk Women’s University has set a high academic standard. In order to meet all the needs of the students and to make sure that they excel in every field, the curricula here is mostly practical. It is this practical application that the academic tradition is centered on. Dongduk Women’s University understands that every student has specific professional and academic needs and to make sure that they get all the support from the university, they strive to provide customized curricula. They believe that one-on-one instruction will bring out the best in the students.

In order to satisfy all the needs of the students, Dongduk Women’s University has organized a great system of education, other services as well as administration. The student welfare is also expanded by this university such as career training skill-building programs and scholarships education facilities. This is to make sure that the future of the students studying in this university is bright and they get all the latest information to stay up to date with the requirement in the employment industry.


For development, the president of the Dongduk Women’s University follows 5 strategies. They are –  

  • In education, he will reconsider excellence.
  • He will re-establish VISION2020.
  • He will make an improvement in the major management index such as employment and scholarship rate, full-time faculty security rate, educational restitution rate and many more.
  • The plan to characterize the university will be re-established by the university.
  • He will increase the financial income by getting more government grants and organizational grants.
  • In order to cultivate global competence, the President of Dongduk Women’s University will intensify the programs as well as activities in the international exchange and recruit international students.

The Dongduk Women’s University let their students acquire great knowledge and skills and grow as successful women professionals.



This prestigious university for women is ranked 79th in Korea by the 4icu and 77th by the Ranking Web of Universities. Although these rankings are not the best, it is still high considering that it only accepts women. Other fields such as child education and secondary education will be higher than these general university rankings.


Dongduk Women’s University Admissions

The application process for international students applying for this university is relatively simple. You will need the fill out the application form, submit the application materials, and meet the application deadline. This important information can be found in Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions.



The tuition fee for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students are the same in Dongduk Women’s University. It is $6,000 per year for all international students. These tuition fees are according to Study in Korea, a South Government Website. I couldn’t find the tuition fee information on the school’s website, so I had to rely on the government website. If you want more accurate information, you definitely should email the international admissions office.



Dongduk Women’s University offers international students some scholarships to cover their fees. For freshman undergraduate students, up to 60% tuition waiver is offered to international students with good TOPIK scores. For second semester and on, students are eligible to receive 100% tuition scholarships based on their grades. Graduate students can receive up to 50% tuition scholarships. For more information, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships Page.


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