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Dongseo University

Dongseo University is a young research institution that has incredible achievements despite being only 25 years old. It hosts students from over 73 nationalities and has earned a place among the top 50 universities that have achieved internationalization. Among its 12,000 students, 800 are international students. It also has research collaborations with 169 institutions that are spread in 37 countries. In an effort to go global, it has established campuses in USA and China.

Dongseo University has a unique specialization that is futuristic and practical for the market. It is one of the pioneer universities offering courses in digital content. Students also have a chance to study design, information technology as well as film and imagery. Other studies offered are Business Administration, International Studies and Computer Engineering.


Christian Foundation

Dongseo University or DSU as it is abbreviated remains focused on its founding vision of producing graduates who are overcome with hope, love, and faith in Jesus Christ. This is why the institution has endeavored to provide the best education environment for its students. Once they graduate, they are equipped with the tools they need to serve their community and the world at large.

As a private university, it has 11,000 full-time students and 1,000 international students. It has a faculty of 800 serving in 57 departments. It also has 25 research centers and 3 affiliated colleges that also follow similar principles. It has 202 sister schools that are spread in 38 countries around the world. DSU also has established industrial collaborations with over 100 partners.


Educational Concepts

As a center for academic excellence, the university is guided by particular educational principles. Character Building Education is one of the principles where students are taught to be compassionate and serve on the basis of love, responsibility, and service. Foreign Language Education is another guiding principle whereby its students are encouraged and facilitated to learn foreign languages in order to take global leadership positions. Informatics Education principle instilled in students is where they are encouraged to sharpen their ability to process information in this information age. Industry University Cooperation Education is a principle where collaboration with the community and surrounding is meant to transform the society.



Dongseo University has established two universities in South Korea, Busan region. The main campus is in Sasang District with the second being at Centum City- a city that has seconded its name to the campus to see it being referred to as Centum Campus. With partner institutions in USA and China, it has managed to establish branch campuses where 100 students annually participate in exchange programs. In China, the campus is at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Hope International University in California Fullerton hosts the US campus of DSU.


Online Credit Based Course

Global Access Asia is one of the programs aimed at enabling the university to have an international footprint. It takes three weeks and is available to a global audience. Other programs include CAMPUS Asia and Dongseo Asia Initiatives Program.

An invitation and commitment to the president are that the institution supports the dreams of young people to enable them to be the pioneers of the new era through their talents and passion. This is a learning environment that is open to all and ready to offer a global education. It is one of the rare universities in the world with a futuristic range of programs.



Although Dongseo University is widely known in Korea, it is not recognized outside Korea. Many Koreans know that this university is an excellent university. A ranking agency, Unirank, has ranked it to be 67 in Korea. Although it is ranked relatively low compared to elite institutions, it still does a good job at educating students. The lower ranking also translates into lower admission rate and a better chance at getting scholarships.



There are clear admission guides available at Dongseo University’s website. This guide provides useful information such as scholarships, tuition, required materials, and application deadlines. For more information, visit Undergraduate Admissions Page and Graduate Admissions Page.



The tuition for Dongseo University is $6,000 a year for undergraduate students and $9,000 a year for graduate students. These tuition fees are in the middle range of tuition charged by Korean universities. Other costs include housing, food, and transportation. If you have a difficult time paying for these costs, scholarships are available to qualified international students.


Dongseo University Scholarships

There are many scholarships available for international students in Dongseo University. They do not have specific eligibility criteria for scholarships, but they do award generous sum of money. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for up to full housing and tuition. For more information about these scholarships, visit Undergraduate and Graduate Cost and Aid.


More Scholarships in Korea

Although Dongseo University offers fabulous scholarships to attract international students, there are many other universities in Korea that offer fabulous scholarships as well. For more information, visit Korean Scholarships Category. Last but not least, I have included a video guide for Korean Government Scholarship for students who are interested in applying.