University of Chicago Scholarships 2019 (Full Ride)

University of Chicago scholarships

University of Chicago scholarships are now available for international students. These full ride scholarships can cover all demonstrated need for both domestic and international students including tuition, room, and board.  This excellent university was founded in 1890 and became one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The predecessor to the university was founded in 1856 by Baptist educators through the grant from Stephen A. Douglas. Douglas was a Senator who advocated slavery and who ran in the presidential election of 1860.

The modern University of Chigaco, or UChicago, was founded by the generous donations from a Baptist society and Rockefeller. Other small donations from many different people helped in building new buildings and hiring new professors. Still, there are many donations from individual donors such as alumni and friends of the university, and currently, it has an endowment of $7.82 billion. Some of these endowments are used as University of Chicago Scholarships to help financially needy students.

Because of the funds from generous donors, University of Chicago boasts elegant campuses. The main campus is located in Chicago, specifically in Hyde Park and Woodlawn. The 217 acres campus is filled with beautiful Gothic buildings and majestic trees. As time went on, the buildings that were built were more modern but still majestic. This university not only has the main campus in Chicago, but it also maintains campuses in Singapore, London, Paris, Beijing, and New Delhi. Students attending the University of Chicago, even better with scholarships, will be able to study at not just in America, but also in different campuses around the world.

Since its founding, University of Chicago has produced many successful alumni due to its excellence in academics. Its successful alumni in business include Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft; Ellison, the founder of Oracle; Corzine, Governor of New Jersey; and Alper, the former COO of Goldman Sachs. There are so many successful alumni in every imaginable field from the University of Chicago, and if students study at this university, you have a good chance of becoming like these alumni.

Currently, there is a total of 16,000 students including 6,000 undergraduate and 10,000 graduate students. These students are taught by an esteemed group of professors of more than 2,000. Both the students and the professors are the best in the world, learning and teaching at a highly ranked institution. These students and professors are located on many different campuses and different departments. Students attending at the University of Chicago will be able to study 51 majors and 33 minors as an undergraduate student. Also, there are five graduate schools and seven professional graduate schools for graduate students.



The tuition for University of Chicago is very expensive. The tuition fee for undergraduate students is $53,292 per year, and the fee doesn’t change based on student’s major. There are other expenses other than the tuition fee such as room, board, fees, book, supplies, and personal expenses. With all these costs taken into account, the average cost for undergraduate students is $74,526 per year. For more information about these tuition costs, visit University of Chicago Tuition Fees.

Unlike undergraduate tuition fees, the graduate tuition fees differ by several factors. These factors include the department, academic degree, and the number of courses being taken. The average tuition fee is $100,000 per year and does differ greatly based on those factors mentioned above. To view the specific information, visit Graduate Tuition Fees.

For students who are not born into affluent families, these costs will seem enormous. Because the majority of students cannot afford these fees, these students are eligible for University of Chicago scholarships. These scholarships are given based on the academic merit and financial need. For more information, please keep reading this article.


University of Chicago Scholarships (Undergraduate)

This university doesn’t want the student’s finance to become a barrier between them and a quality education. To make this possible, the university practices “No Barrier Commitment.” In this commitment, the university pledges that the financial need of students will be met in scholarships and grants. Also, it will waive the application fee for those who apply for aid, will not give loans as part of the financial aid package, and will provide funds for activities such as internships and research opportunities.

Also, University of Chicago scholarships will be awarded to meet all demonstrated need of both domestic and international students. This means that all admitted students can be awarded the maximum amount of tuition, room, board, personal expenses, and fees if the student financially needs assistance through full ride scholarships. For more information, visit International Scholarships.


Application Procedure (Undergraduate)

The admission process for international students is similar to that of domestic students with few exceptions. All students need to submit an online application, either the Common Application or Coalition Application. To learn what the Common Application is, visit this article. Other than these applications, you need to complete UChicago supplements which are essays and additional questions.

In addition to these forms, international students need to submit additional documents. First, they will need to submit English Proficiency scores such as the TOEFL or IELTS. If you have attended an English-medium high school for two or more years, you will be waived from this requirement. Also, if you are applying for University of Chicago scholarships, you will need to submit International Student Financial Aid Application instead of FAFSA. For more information about how to submit ISFAA, visit this article.

For complete application process for international students, visit the International Admissions Page. This page will help you in the application process and also provides you with the list of required materials. So, please read this carefully when you are applying to the University of Chicago.


University of Chicago Scholarships (Graduate)

As you can see in the tuition fee section, University of Chicago charges a high tuition fee for graduate students. Some departments offer generous scholarships to Master’s students, while some departments invest more on their PhD students. You should definitely read Master’s Scholarships for more information.

Fortunately, for doctoral students, there are many full-ride scholarship opportunities to cover the cost. Many departments offer tuition, room, board, and living stipends for all five years of study, and also external organizations offer scholarships as well. Because University of Chicago students are one of the best, they are often recipients for highly competitive scholarships that are offered by other organizations. For more information about University of Chicago scholarships, visit Doctoral Funding Page.

Also, for both Master’s and Doctoral students, there are specific scholarships for different fields and countries. This university has done a good job at compiling these scholarships in a search engine. To view this database, visit Fellowship Page.


Application (Graduate)

Unlike undergraduate admissions, the graduate admissions are highly decentralized. The undergraduate admissions is handled by one organization, the admissions office. For graduate students, the admission process is handled by individual departments. This decentralization means that there are different application forms, required materials, and application deadline. So, it is hard to outline all department’s application process in one article. However, you can access the Graduate Application Page for specific information about your department.

Unlike domestic students, international students need to submit TOEFL or IELTS. This requirement may be waived for specific circumstances.


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I hope that you’ve liked the University of Chicago scholarships information. There are many universities that offer full ride scholarships to international students. To access this list, visit USA Scholarships Page!

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