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University of Ulsan

What started as Ulsan Institute of Technology in 1969 has grown into a fully fledged university with the current enrollment sitting at slightly above 10,500. University of Ulsan has 12 colleges and 6 graduate schools. This includes the generally recognized Graduate School that facilitates Master’s programs in over 29 disciplines and 19 Doctoral study areas.


Foundation Principles

University of Ulsan was established to provide quality workforce to the Republic of Korea. This workforce would also be competitive to enable them to meet global standards and enjoy gainful employment in different parts of the world. The university has gained the support of the motor vehicle conglomerate Hyundai Heavy Industries, the anchor industry for Ulsan, to enhance its global appeal and also actualize industrial collaboration.

The founder, Ju-Yung Chung believes that a man who believes in success will eventually succeed. This is the spirit that motivated him to found the university. Having worked at a construction site as a young man, he became envious of education and therefore set out to start his own. He thought it as wonderful to be young and be at an education institution. He hopes that everyone who passes through the institution will own his ideas and path in life as well as maintain the thirst for education.


Distinguished Programs

Some of the programs offered at the university include Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering as well as Business Administration. These are programs informed by its founders and the need to provide the engineering and automotive industry with the best workforce. The university also has specializations in Professional Internship and Factory Training as well as Active Career Development Service. These programs are offered in an environment that promotes innovation with the aim of transforming the society through education.


Awards and Recognition

The quality of training and environment at University of Ulsan have been recognized by ranking 90th among the top 100 universities in the world in 2015. Among the top universities in Korea, University of Ulsan ranked 8th. The Asia Universities Rankings put the university at 85th position in Asia. This is a remarkable achievement considering the areas of specialization and learning environment.


Research Institutes

Almost all colleges have fully functioning and independent research institutes. These institutes are established to promote and enhance research in their areas of specialization. They also publish their findings for social uptake and in line with the mandate of the university to provide world-class research. It is these institutes that are used as linkages for research with industries as well as the private and public sector.


World Class Programs

The programs offered at University of Ulsan are world class, supported and supporting one of the most advanced motor vehicle industries. The programs are designed with the community and students in mind. This is the only way the university can play a role in the development of the community, nation, and humanity at large.

University of Ulsan is open to international students. It provides a collaborative learning and working environment that every student will enjoy to learn. It is these ideas and ideals that the founder sort to instill in all students passing through the institution.



University of Ulsan is a premier institution in South Korea. Many ranking systems have ranked it high in their rankings. CWUR has ranked it to be 14th in Korea and 470th in the world. Also, Top University, another prestigious ranking system, has ranked it to be 128th in Asia and 551-600 in the world. The fabulous education that University of Ulsan provides plays a huge factor in these high rankings among many universities.


University of Ulsan Tuition

The tuition fee to study at University of Ulsan is relatively high compared to other Korean institution. The tuition fee is $8,000 per year for undergraduate students and $11,000 per year for graduate students. However, these tuition fees are affordable compared to other institution located in the West located in the Western Hemisphere. 

Since there are many international students who want to study in University of Ulsan, they have made a clear guideline to explain the admissions process. Take a look at Undergraduate and Graduate Admission Guides. These guides explain very clearly how to apply. If you ever decide to apply to University of Ulsan, these guides will be your friend. 



Along with the tuition and admission guide, the link above also provides University of Ulsan Scholarships information. First, undergraduate students are eligible for up to 70% tuition scholarships upon entrance and up to full tuition scholarship based on previous semester’s GPA. The graduate students are eligible for up to full tuition scholarships based on their research. For more information about these scholarships, visit the admission guides above.


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