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Gyeongsang National University

Governed by the Ministry of Education, the Republic of Korea, the Gyeongsang National University is located in Jinju. There are a total of ten national universities in Korea, and this university is one of them. Within it, it has 12 colleges that offer studies in arts, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, agriculture and life sciences, management and many other fields.

It is home to many institutions within the University, including a library, museum, student center, broadcasting center, publishing company, education and science talent, Korean language cultural center and more. It also has its own University newspaper. The University boasts of a large and talented academic and administrative staff that contributes to the success and smooth running of the University. It also has three sprawling campuses that are a multi-faceted learning center for over 24,000 students from across the globe.

Founded in 1948, it has been recognized as a progressive university that fosters creative, civil and professional learning. It has a pioneering spirit that results in talented and sound minds of the future. The university has gained international recognition for the continuous progress and great success it has been showcasing for decades.

The students of Gyeongsang National University enjoy a very resourceful and sustainable environment. All the necessary modern facilities and tools, required for learning, are offered to the students. With a mission to keep pace with the ever-changing world, the University strives to keep evolving and strengthening it’s roots while paving a way towards a better future.

The goals of the University are:

  • Elaborating and developing Education
  • Research specialization and blending
  • Localizing and globalizing volunteer service

The University supports 30 specialized educational programs along with 30 different research and joint industrial-academic projects throughout the nation. Additionally, it also supports 30 volunteer programs and services in local communities. All these initiatives have been brought together to not just educate students but help them grow up to be responsible professionals who contribute towards the growth of the nation, and the world.

The University has played a vital role in the educated society within Korea and now making its mark in the education development of the world. It is a globally recognized University for the Excellence and sound learning platform it offers. The University is a mark of creative and ambitious learning that helps students apply their knowledge in the best ways possible. Gyeongsang National University is a platform for comprehensive learning.



Many ranking agencies have evaluated Gyeongsang National University very highly. 4icu has rated it to be 17th in Korea, and Top Universities has rated it to be 236th in Asia. These rankings are respectable realizing the fact that there are hundreds of Korean universities and thousands of Asian universities. Also, the medical department of Gyeongsang National University is particularly strong and is well-known for producing excellent doctors.



In Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Page, the university has outline the important information about the admissions process. If you are even remotely considering about applying to Gyeongsang National University, you should definitely read these pages. These pages have application deadlines which are critical for your application to be successful. The bottom line is to read and reread these guides.


Gyeongsang National University Tuition

Since the university is a national university, the government helps to lower the tuition fee for both Korean and international students. To study at Gyeongsang National University, both undergraduate and graduate students need to pay $4,500 per year. Students need to note that these tuition fees do vary by departments and can view the specific tuition rates in Undergraduate and Graduate tuition fees.



There are many scholarships opportunities that are waiting for international students. Undergraduate students are eligible for tuition waivers, work-study programs, and other external scholarships in Gyeongsang National University. The sad part is that the university does not specify the requirements to receive scholarships, unlike other universities. So, to get specific information, you need to contact International Admissions Office and view the tuition fee link above.

Graduate students are eligible for a variety of scholarships as well. They can receive full tuition scholarships for publishing in scientific journals, receive stipends from external organizations, and work as teaching assistants. From the combination of these scholarships, it is entirely possible to save money while you are studying. To view the specifics, visit the Graduate tuition fee link.


Additional Korean Scholarships

Aside from Gyeongsang National University, there are many universities in Korea that offers generous scholarships to international students with high academic merit. To view these opportunities, visit Korean Scholarships Category. Last but not least, I have included a video guide for Korean Government Scholarship for students who are interested in applying.