McMaster University Scholarships 2020

//McMaster University Scholarships 2020

International students are now eligible to receive McMaster University Scholarships! The university was founded in 1887 and now became one of the best Canadian Universities. Originally, the name was Toronto Baptist College and focused mainly on educating Baptist ministers.

The name changed to McMaster University when William McMaster, a Senator and the first President of a Canadian bank, donated huge funds for this university.

Also, McMaster University also had a drastic change because the university was becoming to get crowded. In 1927, they made an important decision to move the university from Toronto to Hamilton.

The funds came from the generous donors such as friends and alumni, and additional funds came by selling the old property the University of Toronto. In 1930, they finally finished moving to a new location in Hamilton.

Before the World War II, the courses that they offered were limited to humanities, arts, theology, and nursing. However, after the War, they realized the importance of science. In the 1950s, they received funding from individuals and the government to expand their science programs.

Also, they began to disaffiliate with the Baptists to receive more funding and now is a non-denomination university. With this additional funding, they have expanded their programs into medical school and hospital to train more doctors.

Other departments such as business and engineering were added later. The additional funding also provided funds for McMaster University Scholarships as well.

So currently, there is a total of 26,000 undergraduates and graduate students taught by qualified professors. McMaster University has huge endowment as well to support these students with over $700 million Canadian Dollars.

These funds support many different academic programs and various McMaster University Scholarships for students. I hope that you will consider applying to this excellent Canadian university!


Tuition Fee

The McMaster University tuition fee vary widely based on the academic programs and degree sought. These tuition fees can be reduced by McMaster University Scholarships, but here are the fees without any scholarships.

The tuition fee for undergraduate international students is $28,000 per year. For general graduate students, it is $30,000 per year, and for graduate research students, it is $20,000 per year.

To see the specific tuition fees, please visit Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition Page.


McMaster University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

The entrance scholarships and external scholarships are only ones that are available for international students.

The entrance scholarships are automatically awarded based on the admission percentile of the applicants. For the first 5% of all applicants, $2,500 scholarships are available. For lower admission percentile, there are other scholarships available.

For more information, visit Undergraduate Scholarships.

Undergraduate Admissions

There are many international students that wish to study at McMaster University. There are many things that you have to do to apply to the university.

In this page, it has listed many requirements for all applicants and also for international students. You can access application procedure, deadlines, and eligibility requirements through the admission page.

After reading the important information, you could apply through the online portal.


McMaster University Scholarships (Graduate)

There are majority of graduate students that receive McMaster University Scholarships to fund their studies.

This is especially true for doctoral students and research Master’s students. The PhD students do receive the minimum of $17,500 per year, and many departments have a higher minimum than that.

Also, if you are qualified, you may receive other departmental awards and external scholarship awards. For more information about these scholarships, visit Awards and Funding Page.


Graduate Admissions

The admission process in McMaster University is pretty straightforward. You will need to determine the academic department that you will be applying to.

Next, you will take a look at eligibility requirements to see if you are eligible. Then, you will look at language proficiency requirements and see if you have any of those scores. If you do not meet the requirements, you should study for a better score.

Finally, you will prepare your application by filling out the application forms, submitting required materials, and paying the application fees.

For more information, visit Graduate Admissions.


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