University of British Columbia Scholarships 2020

//University of British Columbia Scholarships 2020

This university was established in 1908. Now, the University of British Columbia Scholarships are being offered to international students with academic merit! The university is home to 9,000 students including 50,000 undergraduate and 10,000 graduate students. These students are one of the best students in Canada and in the world because the University of British Columbia is a prestigious university.

The students from University of British Columbia that have graduated have greatly impacted Canada and the world. There is a total of 7 Nobel Prize winners, 70 Rhodes Scholarship Winners, 65 Olympic Medal Winners, as well as other accomplishments in science, arts, and engineering. These successful alumni is a great news for prospective and continuing students because they will receive help from them in their careers after they graduate. Many employers will be more likely to hire students from the same university than from a different university.

This university have a huge budget and endowment which helps run the university. The budget in 2016 was 2.1 billion Canadian dollars per year, and the endowment was 1.4 billion Canadian dollars. These huge money helps fund many University of British Columbia Scholarships so those underprivileged students with huge academic potential will be able to study. Scholarships are for international students also which helps the high-quality talent around the world to research at this prestigious institution. If you want to be part of the international students that attend this university, check out University of British Columbia Acceptance Rates!

Because of these huge funds, there are so many research opportunities in the University of British Columbia. In its huge library system of 21 libraries, there are over 9.9 million books. These books will help research students to find sources for their thesis and also find ideas for future research. There are also many research institutes that are housed in the university such as TRIUMF which is a particle and nuclear physics research institute. This research institute has fascinating instruments such as the world’s largest cyclotron.

Currently enrolling students stay at two campuses in the University of British Columbia. The main campus is close to Vancouver and is located specifically at Point Grey. In the city of Vancouver, there are also two other campuses which house the Hospital and Robeson Square. Another main campus is located in Okanagan which houses several departments and numerous academic programs. This campus has undergone many different construction projects, and some cost $450 million Canadian dollars.


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