UC Berkeley Scholarships 2019

UC Berkeley Scholarships

Berkeley, University of California was founded in 1868 as one of the flagship institutions of the University of California system. It is a renowned public research university and is ranked as one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The University was originally established as a result of the merger between the private College of California and the public Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical Arts College in Oakland. Now, it is offering UC Berkeley scholarships to international students.

Since it has been founded, UC Berkeley has been noted for many promising efforts, especially the Free Speech Movement and Anti-Vietnam War Movement led by its students in the 1960s. It is a founding member of the Association of American Universities and contributes to a very large research activity. Additionally, it co-manages 3 Unites States Department of Energy National laboratories and home to numerous well-known research institutes and organizations.

In UC Berkeley, there is a total of 30,000 undergraduate students and 11,000 graduate student. These students study at various campuses that have the total area of approximately 1,200 acres. This total area also includes the central campus, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Hall of Science and several other research institutes like the Space Sciences Laboratory, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. In addition to these various institutes and campuses, UC Berkeley has an ecological reserve spread across 800 acres. Surrounding the campus is the downtown business district of Berkeley to the west, a neighborhood and commercial district to the northwest, student housing to the south and notable residential areas too. The campus also houses many notable museums.

These students are taught by over 1,600 full-time and 500 part-time faculty members across the 130 academic departments and over 80 interdisciplinary research units.  These faculty members are one of the top scholars in the world. In this group of faculty members, there are 3 fields medal winners, 8 noble prize winners, 4 Pulitzer prize winners and many other experts who have established a reputation for themselves in their particular field. Not only the faculty members are successful, but also many alumni are successful. Also, every year it awards educational degrees to over 12,000 students, and many of these students receive UC Berkeley scholarships to fund their studies.

The university is founded upon the vision of offering quality education that facilitates the needs of the advancing generations. Over the years, it has made a significant impact in the field of education by providing its students with a comprehensive educational environment. With the best of amenities and world-class research support, students can make the most of a professional and student-friendly environment. It is a university that stands strong on the pillars of traditional values and supports the modern day advancements and progress.


Undergraduate Admissions

International undergraduate students have to satisfy the basic requirements for all applicants and specific requirements for all international students. For more information about these requirements, visit the International Admissions Page. In this page, you will find a plethora of information about application procedure such as required documents, deadlines, and application. All University of California including UC Berkeley use a separate application other than the Common Application. So please note that you will have to fill out a separate application for the UC.

UC Berkeley Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Scholarships at UC Berkeley are highly competitive for undergraduate international students. You can see the list of scholarships available at this link. All the large scholarships are highly competitive because there are many highly qualified international students that wish to study at this university. So, please go to the link and see the different eligibility criteria.


Graduate Admissions

To get all the information you need to apply for graduate admissions in UC Berkeley, visit this page. This link has all the resources you’ll need such as writing a personal statement, preparing necessary documents, paying the application fee, taking required tests, and other necessary steps that you’ll have to take. Students need to pay attention to every requirement and every detail in their application. If they miss an important information, their application might or might not be processed. So, please read and reread these instructions found in the link.


UC Berkeley Scholarships (Graduate)

The scholarships offered to graduate students are listed here. In the description of these scholarships, you should note in the requirements if it states US citizens or Permanent Residents only. If a scholarship does state that, you are ineligible to apply, but if a scholarship does not state that, you are eligible to apply for that scholarship. So, take a look at these scholarships and note the different eligibility criteria. There are many full tuition and fully funded UC Berkeley scholarships available in the search engine. So if you want, definitely apply!


Additional USA Scholarships

I hope that you’ve liked the explanation on how to apply for UC Berkeley scholarships. If you want other scholarships available in the US for international students, visit the USA Scholarships Category.

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