UCLA Scholarships 2019

UCLA Scholarships

The University of California, better known as UCLA, is a globally recognized public research university. Many people are familiar with this prestigious university that is located in Los Angeles. Established in 1919, it became the southern branch of the University of California. Not only is the university prestigious, but it is huge as well. Each year, the university admits over 30,000 undergraduate and 13,000 graduate students. Many of these students receive UCLA scholarships to study in 6 undergraduate colleges, 7 professional schools, and 4 professional health science schools.

In these various departments, these students study under a well-qualified faculty that includes many Nobel laureates, field medalists, Turing Award winners, and other experts. Not only are the faculty first-class, but the alumni are first-class also. These alumni work in various academic fields such as business, politics, science, and engineering.

Because of the well-qualified professors and the success of its alumni, the UCLA is very well ranked by many ranking systems. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2017–2018 ranked UCLA 15th in the world for academics, the best US Public University for academics, and 13th in the world for reputation. In 2017, it ranked 12th in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities and 33rd in the 2017–2018 QS World University Rankings. In 2017, the Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) ranked the university 15th in the world based on many factors such as quality of education, alumni employment, and the quality of faculty. In 2017–2018, US News & World Report ranked the university as the best public university in the United States.  These rankings prove again the prestige and excellence of UCLA

The campus of this university is another significant aspect that offers its students a very dynamic educational environment. UCLA believes to have prospered on a strong foundation of optimism and it is driving force that has made it one of the most reputed universities in the whole world. It is a highly progressive university that has continuously achieved great heights.

The university also offers rich sports and cultural avenues for its students, contributing to the comprehensive development of the mind and body. Students at UCLA have access to many resource centers that add to the rich educational environment. It is home to more than 70 sororities and fraternities, social service clubs and other dynamic activities.

The university prides in offering a problem-solving educational environment to its students, supporting a creative and forward-looking bent of mind. It challenges its students at every step, making them exceed beyond their own limits and capacities. It helps its students become the discoverers, improvisers, inventors, and creators of tomorrow. Since it wants its students to succeed no matter the financial circumstances, UCLA scholarships are offered to needy students. As the result of its environment and scholarships, UCLA has produced, over the years, some of the exceptional professionals, across different fields, who have in turn contributed greatly to the society, and the world around them.


Undergraduate Admissions

You can see all the admissions information for international undergraduate students at this page. Here, you can see that you will need SAT or ACT as well as your transcripts, language test scores, and other requirements. Also, UCLA does not use the Common Application but uses its own application used by other University of California. So, please make note of that information since you will have to fill out different application forms.


UCLA Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Unfortunately, UCLA does not offer scholarships to undergraduate international students because it is a public university. If you desire to receive scholarships in UCLA, you will have to come for graduate studies. If you are qualified for enough external scholarships, you will be able to study at UCLA; however, such large amount of external scholarships in undergraduate level, especially for international students, is quite rare.


Graduate Admissions

The graduate admissions process at UCLA is very clearly explained. First, you will need to read this guide which explains step by step on how to apply. In this guide, you can see that there are only seven steps that you will need to take to apply. Also, this guide has links to many different articles about the application such as admission requirements. After you read the application procedure for all applicants, you will need to read specific instructions for international students found on this page.


UCLA Scholarships (Graduate)

There are many scholarships available for graduate studies in UCLA. Many PhD students do receive fully funded scholarships, while Master’s students may receive some funding. If you want to see all the opportunities waiting for you, visit Scholarship Search Engine. Here, you will find that there are so many scholarships even for international students that award large amounts. You can also be funded by other sources of money than just scholarships. These other sources include campus employment and external scholarships awarded by different organizations to fund the studies. Please search for other sources as well as UCLA scholarships to fund your studies.


More USA Scholarships

Please visit USA Scholarships Page! to view opportunities in the US. There are many scholarships offered by other universities than UCLA scholarships, so please visit the previous link for more information.

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