University of Notre Dame Scholarships 2019

University of Notre Dame Scholarships

The University of Notre Dame was established in 1842 by Sorin. It is a private Catholic research university, spread across 1250 acres in Indiana, United States.The campus is home to some of the most significant landmarks like the Golden Dome, The Word of Life Mural, the Notre Dame stadium and the well recognized Basilica. It has been noted as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, especially for its undergraduate studies. Currently, University of Notre Dame scholarships are offered to international students as well as domestic students!

The university offers over 50 foreign study abroad annual programs and over 15 summer programs. Along with the many programs and professional study courses, the university offers its students a rich educational environment. It encompasses many libraries, cultural venues, museums of science and arts, and many other resources that facilitate the learning and educational growth of the students. Additionally, the students have the opportunity to be a part of many traditions, sports clubs, events, legacies and a thriving alumni network.

The University of Notre Dame is especially noted for the progressive growth and success it has shown ever since it was first established. The university has grown in size, reputation, resources, and faculty. The University houses over 13,000 students in the undergraduate, graduate and professional courses. These students study at one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. This beautiful campus that has also been ranked as the most beautiful college campuses in the United States by a prestigious travel magazine.

In this beautiful campus, the students study under 1,200 expert full-time faculty members and over 190 part-time members in University of Notre Dame. It follows a 8:1 faculty-student ratio to give the students the best advantage of individual attention. The faculty members are experts from their respective fields who understand the need to facilitate the students and be a part of their growth and success. The university allows the students to be thinkers and creative leaders.

The University of Notre Dame has made a significant contribution to the research and scholarships. It has consistently provided the best of resources for its students to keep pace with the changing environment. Also, University of Notre Dame University scholarships have been awarded to enable excellent students with economic difficulty to study here. As the result of these funds. it has produced some reputed and noted members of the society who have largely contributed in their fields. A Catholic institute, students here learn not just about their studies and fields but learn about a better quality of life. It teaches its students values and beliefs that must be intrinsic to a way of life.


Undergraduate Admissions

The admission guide for international undergraduate admissions can be found in this page. Here, you can find the information for international application such as eligibility criteria, application forms, and language requirements. Please review the guide carefully and understand the procedure thoroughly before applying.


University of Notre Dame Scholarships (Undergraduate)

International students wishing to study in University of Notre Dame are eligible for a variety of scholarships. First, they are eligible for merit scholarships which are based on academic achievements. These range from $5,000 per year to full cost of attendance which is $73,000 per year. Only the best students are considered for merit scholarships. The second type of scholarships is a need-based aid. There is a limited amount of need-based available for international students, but students can be awarded full tuition and fully funded scholarships based on economic need. To see this information, visit Scholarships Page.


Graduate Admissions

You will need to visit the International Students Page for more information. Not only that page, but look at the application process for all applicants because international students need to follow that also. The international students page gives instructions that are specific to international students such as TOEFL and IELTS. So, read the admission procedure that applies to all applications as well as procedure specific for international students which comprise 30% of entire University of Notre Dame graduate students.


University of Notre Dame Scholarships (Graduate)

University of Notre Dame offers many scholarships to international graduate students. 97 percent of all graduate students which include Master’s and PhD students do receive full tuition scholarships for all their years studying. Over 94 percent of all PhD students also qualify for fellowships or assistantships that provide a living stipend, and many master’s students do also. To see the statistics, visit the Graduate Scholarships Page.


More US Scholarships

There are many scholarships for international students available in the US. If you want to apply for more other than University of Notre Dame scholarships, I highly recommend visiting USA Scholarships Page!

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