University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Scholarships 2020

//University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Scholarships 2020

Every year, University of Pennsylvania scholarships are offered for international students! This university dates back to 1740 when George Whitefield had the idea of a charity school that would also serve as a house of prayer for his followers.

However, the resources available could not support his plan at that time. But, this vision by Benjamin Franklin for education among the people of Philadelphia would eventually lead to the purchase of the structure originally built by Whitefield and opening of the door to the first group of students in 1751.


Education programs at University of Pennsylvania

UPenn emphasized practical application of the knowledge acquired. Because of that, it was a pioneer in many “professional” degrees. such as medicine and business. The Perelman School of Medicine, which was founded in 1765, was a pioneering school of medicine.

Also in 1881, the Wharton School became the first school of business. This emphasis of UPenn for professional trade is evident in these facts.

The University of Pennsylvania has 12 graduate and professional schools, some dating back to 1765. They include a school for communication, arts and sciences, education, law, engineering and applied sciences, nursing and veterinary medicine, among others. As you can see, the professional programs such as Wharton School of Business are one of the world’s best programs.


Research And Innovation

As stated earlier, the founders of UPenn wanted an institution that would solve the present challenges in the society by applying the knowledge learned. This is the reason that the university encourages its students and faculty to pursue practical as well as intellectual research areas. In 2016, the university had billions of dollars in research funding, and some of these funding go to fund UPenn Scholarships to fund intellectual minds around the world.


The University Of Pennsylvania Famous Alumni

UPenn is honored to have educated 8 of the people who signed the United States Declaration of Independence. Also, 12 of the people who signed the American Constitution also came from UPenn.

Among its other distinguished alumni are 14 heads of state, two of them being US presidents. It has also produced 25 billionaires, the largest number for any undergraduate university.

Also, 3 American Supreme Court justices have also studied at Penn. This is just a start to the list of famous alumni at UPenn. So do you want to study in UPenn with scholarships to become successful? Then, continue reading.


International Students

There are many international students at UPenn, and therefore, a strong support system for them. Many of these international students do receive University of Pennsylvania scholarships to help them study. In this article, I will explain the scholarship procedure for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Admissions

There are two separate important pages for international students to apply to UPenn. The first page is the application guide for all students which can be found here.

In this page, you will find the information that applies to both domestic and international students. Also, there is additional information for international students that can be found on this page. So, you will need to read both pages of information and note the important details for application to UPenn.


UPenn Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Every year, University of Pennsylvania offers over $9 million dollars in scholarships for international students who are not from Canada and Mexico. This is a huge sum of scholarships that international students can receive.

For more information about these scholarships, visit the scholarship page. This has much information about the different types of aids that international students qualify as well as other sources of income such as employment.


Graduate Admissions

The admission process to UPenn Graduate school differs by departments as stated in this page. However, in that link, there are helpful details about the admission process in general and specific information for international students. So, please read this guide carefully. Then, you should go to the specific department of your choice and follow the application instructions found there.


University of Pennsylvania Scholarships (Graduate)

There are many UPenn Scholarships for international students, especially at PhD levels. Many PhD students in University of Pennsylvania do receive multi-year scholarships that include full tuition and living expenses such as room and board.

You can see more details at Graduate Scholarships. At this page, you will see the estimated cost of living as well as scholarships for PhD students. Most funding in UPenn is reserved for PhD students, and if you are a Master’s students, there are many scholarships in other prestigious universities in the US.


Additional USA Scholarships

I hope that you have liked reading this summary regarding University of Pennsylvania scholarships. There are plenty of other US universities that offer scholarships to international students, and you can find them in USA Scholarships Page!