Emory University Scholarships 2020

//Emory University Scholarships 2020

Emory University Scholarships

Emory University is a research university that was founded in 1836 by the Methodist Episcopal Church. Emory is known around the world as one of the best research universities and prides itself on being one of the United States’ top institutions. It is located in Druid Hills, which is a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. It was ranked 21st on US News & World Report’s 2018 rankings for National Universities and 71st internationally. Now, international students are eligible to receive Emory University scholarships!

Emory University is home to over 14,000 undergraduate and graduate students. There is a great amount of diversity here, as students hail from every state and over 100 foreign nations. The university has a student-faculty ratio of 9:1, and over sixty percent of classes have less than twenty students. These teachers run a total of 45 separate departments, which include anthropology, medieval studies, chemistry, human health, music, and neuroscience.

With an endowment of $6.9 billion USD, Emory University is ranked 21st among the list of schools by endowment throughout the world. The school has a total of $628 million in total research funding awards, and roughly $585 million of that goes to health sciences. An additional $353.7 million is given in federal research funding awards. The majority of that is led by the National Institutes of Health, as their contribution is $307.7 million. The joint biomedical engineering program is ranked third in the United States, and Emory frequently collaborates with Georgia Tech to spend $1.35 billion annually on research. Some of these funds are used to recruit qualified international students by providing them with Emory University Scholarships!

Alumni consistently have great success in life, as they have had six Pulitzer Prize winners, a Vice President, and more. Alben Barkley graduated in 1900 and went on to become the 35th Vice President of the United States. Isaac Hopkins graduated and later on founded the Georgia Institute of Technology. Due to the extensive training he received at Emory, Arnall Patz eventually became an ophthalmology researcher and was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Their alumni also include Newt Gingrich, Kenneth Cole, and Ely Callaway, Jr., who was regarded as one of the best golfers of all time.


Emory University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

There are both merit-based and need-based scholarships available for undergraduate international students. You can see the information on Undergraduate Scholarships Page. Here, you can see that there are merit scholarships available and limited need-based aid. Qualified international students will get generous Emory University scholarships, so if you are qualified, then you should definitely apply!


Undergraduate Admissions

The application procedure for international students is that of domestic students. There are some exceptions such as the Language Proficiency Exams and Certification of Finances. These exceptions and the application procedures are listed in Undergraduate Admissions. Students thinking about applying to Emory University should definitely read these instructions and follow them carefully.


Emory University Scholarships (Graduate)

There are many international graduate students that receive scholarships at Emory University. Laney Student Support, Tuition Scholarships, Enrollment Fee Scholarships, Doctoral Student Stipend, and many other Emory University scholarships are provided for graduate students. To see the list, visit Graduate Scholarships Page. For PhD students, tuition exemptions and living stipends are common, and for Master’s students, it depends on your department and your academic merit.

Graduate Admissions

There are two application procedures that international students need to follow. The first application procedure is specifically for international students and can be found in International Student Admissions. The second one is for all graduate students which can be found in the right sidebar of the previous link.

You should note that the admission procedure is different for different departments. So, if your desired academic major is not in Laney Graduate School that I have linked, you should search your department and look at its admission guide.


Additional USA Scholarships

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