Johns Hopkins University Scholarships 2019

Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Many people have heard this university’s name because it is prestigious in many different fields of study. It was founded in 1876 as a private university with the help of a large donation by John Hopkins. He donated a total of $7 million dollars which, in 2017, would be equal to $150 million dollars. Some of the money has been spent in establishing the famous Johns Hopkins Hospital, which is one of the best research hospitals in the world. Now, international students are eligible to receive Johns Hopkins University scholarships.

There are more than 5,000 undergraduate students and 14,000 graduate students who are studying at Johns Hopkins University. These students are taught by world’s best professors who have published many¬†famous theses¬†and solved great mysteries. The students are also one of the world’s best student body because getting into Johns Hopkins University is extremely difficult. Students need to have great standardized scores, GPA, and extracurricular activities to be successful in admissions.

The endowment of Johns Hopkins University is huge, totaling nearly $3.5 billion dollars. Some of the endowment helps to finance the operating cost of the university. Other revenues include tuition from the students, donations from individual donors and alumni, and research grants from organizations and the government. Out of these funds, Johns Hopkins University scholarships are awarded to qualified international students and domestic students who will further the research efforts of the university. Also, from these funds, other operating costs are covered.

Because of the great professors, facilities, and curriculum, many students have succeeded after graduating Johns Hopkins University. There are 36 Nobel Prize winners who were professors or alumni at this prestigious university. Also, famous people such as Woodrow Wilson, the former President of the United States, have received degrees at Johns Hopkins University. These successful graduates prove the great curriculum and the professors in the university.


Johns Hopkins University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

International students studying at Johns Hopkins University can receive both merit and need-based scholarships. These scholarships are obviously very competitive because there are many international students who are applying to get these. To see more information on these scholarships, visit the Undergraduate Scholarships Page for more information. You can see the different forms and the scholarships application procedure in this page.


Undergraduate Admissions

International students applying for admissions should definitely go to International Admissions Page. This page is helpful because it lists all the Frequently Asked Questions. These questions and answers will definitely help you to understand the application procedure as an international student. Also, it has the application requirements, on-campus employment, Johns Hopkins University scholarships, and standardized score information that are specific for international students.


Johns Hopkins University Scholarships (Graduate)

There are many different scholarships that are available for graduate international students. For more information, visit the Graduate Scholarships Page. This page states that there are fully funded and partial scholarships that are available for international students. There is no application procedure or specific scholarship information available on that page.

If you want to find the specific information for scholarships, you need to refer to the graduate department of your choice. The reason is that the graduate admissions is decentralized, which means that individual departments take care of graduate admissions and scholarships. So, if you want specific information, refer to graduate department’s page.


Graduate Admissions

As stated earlier, the graduate admissions is handled by individual departments. You can see all the individual departments on this page. When you access this page, you will see different graduate departments. Click on the department of your choice and look through the admissions procedure and Johns Hopkins University scholarships information.


Additional Scholarships Information in USA

There are other universities in the US that will award scholarships for international students other than the Johns Hopkins University scholarships. For more information, visit USA Scholarships Page.

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