Columbia University Scholarships 2020

//Columbia University Scholarships 2020

Columbia University was founded in 1754. Originally, it was named King’s College after George II, who chartered the school. The school was renamed after the revolutionary war. The campus, located in New York, NY, is only 300 acres across. Now, Columbia University scholarships for international students are available!

If you are interested in getting scholarships from Columbia, it is critical that you know the acceptance rates and the application requirements at Columbia. You should check Columbia University’s acceptance rate and application requirements!

Almost 30,000 students attend Columbia. Only 8,000 of these students are undergraduates. Over 100 countries are represented in the international student body, which is the 4th largest in the United States. Columbia was also the first college in the US to have 1,000 international students. There are 4,000 total faculty members.

The University is organized into twenty schools. The School of Engineering, General Studies, Law, the Teacher’s College, the College of Physicians, and the School of Business are a handful of the 13 Graduate schools on campus. The University offers more than 80 areas of study. Columbia has research posts around the globe, and has more than 200 study abroad programs.

The New York campus is home to the Butler Library, Pupin Hall, and Philosophy Hall, which are national landmarks. Other campuses include Lamont and Washington Heights. Columbia offers more 500 extracurriculars, including sports, language clubs, and film activities, which are a large part of life on campus.

The Columbia Endowment totals nearly $10 billion.  Only 5% of the Endowment is used to fund Columbia’s budget, and keep its nonprofit status. These funds provide financial aid, research opportunities and afford the 20+ residential housing for students, among other things.

Alumni from Columbia University are exceedingly decorated and successful. Graduates from Columbia include 83 Nobel Prize Laureates, 5 founding fathers, 123 Pulitzer Prize winners, 45 Olympians, 77 National Medal of Science winners, 39 Academy Award winners, and 3 US presidents. The success of this prestigious university benefit future alumni through its challenging curriculum and the enriching activities it offers.

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