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University of Hong Kong is located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong, China. It was founded in 1911 mainly by Governor Sir Frederick Lugard, and it is a public research university. HKU is referred to as one of the top schools in terms of prestige in all of Asia. Top Universities ranks the school #26 on their list of World Universities, as well as 5th on the rankings of Asian Universities. For qualified international students, University of Hong Kong scholarships are being offered to them.

There are about 29,000 students attending University of Hong Kong . This is split up into 17,000 undergraduates as well as 12,000 graduate students. There are about 3,900 administrative staff working at the school, which is about a 9:1 student to faculty ratio. The school offers several hundred departments of study, including Anaesthesiology, Spectroscopy, and Urban Design.

HKU is primarily divided into 10 different academic faculties, and surprisingly English is the main language spoken there. There is only one campus, located on the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong Island. The school runs different faculties for biomedicine, dentistry, political sciences, and more. In fact, the school was the first team on the planet to successfully isolate the causative agent of SARS, the corona virus.

Research at HKU is some of the top in the world, and the Thomson Reuters’ Essential Science Indicators ranked the 100 of HKU’s staff scientists in the top 1% overall. Research funding reaches about $1.08 billion USD, the highest of all universities in Hong Kong. The research funding also helps to attract scientists and scholars from all around the world by offering them University of Hong Kong scholarships.

The rigorous study and research programs have led to extremely high success in their alumni. Professors are top notch, and guarantee their graduates will be experts in their future fields of work. Alumni include Dr. Sun Yat-sen (the founder of the Republic of China), Anson Chan Fang On-sang (former Chief Secretary of Administration of HK), and famous director Ann Hui.


University of Hong Kong Scholarships (Undergraduate)

There are many scholarship opportunities available to international undergraduate students. This is the list of those scholarships.

Complete List of Undergraduate Scholarships Available for International Students

  1. HKU Foundation Entrance Scholarships
  2. Asian Future Leaders Scholarships Program
  3. Entrance Scholarships for Medallists in International/Asian Olympiads
  4. Entrance Scholarships for Students Admitted to Undergraduate Dual Degree Programmes
  5. Vietnam Van Thinh Phat Scholarships
  6. Hong Kong Scholarships for “Belt & Road” Students
  7. Targeted Scholarships Scheme under the HKSAR Government Scholarships Fund

For more information, visit the Scholarships Page. You will find that there are several scholarships that you may qualify. Some of these scholarships require a separate application, while some scholarships don’t. Also, some scholarships have a restriction on the country of origin, so take note of that fact.


University of Hong Kong Scholarships (Graduate)

Like undergraduate scholarships, there are many graduate scholarships in University of Hong Kong that are available for international students. Here is the list:

Complete List of Graduate Scholarships Available for International Students

  1. Hong Kong PhD Scholarships
  2. University Postgraduate Scholarships
  3. Postgraduate Scholarships
  4. Scholarships and Conference/Travel Support


For more information, visit the Graduate Scholarships Page. You will see various information about the eligibility criteria for many of these scholarships, so read carefully!



There are many qualifications and required materials that you need to submit to be eligible for scholarships and for admissions. For more information, visit the Undergraduate Admissions Page and Graduate Admissions Page. There are much information that are presented in these links, so please read thoroughly and follow all the directions on this page.


More Scholarships in Asia

I hope that you have enjoyed the Hong Kong University scholarships information. For other scholarships in Asia, visit Asia Category.

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