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A public university in Qatar located on the outskirts of the capital city of Doha, Qatar University was the first and largest higher-learning institute in the country. It was founded in 1973 after a degree from the Emir of Qatar. Times Higher Education has ranked the school as high as 401st in the world as well as 75th in the BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings for schools. Now, Qatar University is offering fully funded scholarships to international students.

The student body at Qatar University is roughly 16,000, with more than half of them (8,000) at the College of Medicine. The student to teacher ratio is about 13:1 at the university. Most of the students are graduates, as only about 1,500 are undergraduates. The student body is very diverse as well, as its attendees come from 52 different nationalities. Almost 30 different departments are taught at the school, including Sports Science, Architectural Engineering, and Art Education.

Qatar University consists of nine different colleges. They include the School of Business and Economics, Education, Art & Sciences (which offers students of QU an astounding 2,300 combined majors) Sharia and Islamic Studies, and their prestigious College Medicine. These are all taught at the university’s one campus, which is located on the northern side and about 16 kilometers from the center of Doha.

The university has one of the highest endowments in the middle east and spends a substantial amount of time towards research. Regularly, alumni and their companies donate large amounts (recently, Marubeni Corporation donated 21 million Qatari riyals). Most of the research at the school goes towards improving the economic health of the country itself! These funds also help to provide Qatar University scholarships for international students!

Alumni have gone on to be extremely successful, which can be attributed to the fabulous faculty members and teachers of QU. Alumni of the school include famous novelist Dalal Khalifa, Moza bint Nasser (consort of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani), and former soccer player Fahad Thani.


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If you are interested, I highly suggest that you look at these before looking at the Qatar University scholarships.

Qatar University Scholarships

There are many scholarships that are offered to international students, especially if the applicant is from Arabic countries or from GCC countries. You can see all the Qatar University scholarships on this page. There are unique scholarships as well such as for those who are married to Qatari male and those who are the children of the employees.


Qatar University Merit Scholarships

Islamic and Other Countries Scholarships

  • Scholarship Award- Full Tuition and Book Fees for Qatar Residents, Full Tuition, Accommodation, Round Trip Airplane Tickets, and textbook fees for international students
  • Eligibility Criteria- 5.5 IELTS or 570 SAT or 24 ACT

These scholarships are awarded to those from Islamic and other countries that apply to Qatar University. I don’t know why they included Islamic, but it seems like that they do offer the scholarship to all countries because of the word “other countries.” So, if you are not from an Islamic country, I would double check with them to make sure that the scholarship applies to non-Islamic countries. Since it is a very generous scholarships for international students, you definitely should take advantage of this scholarship. To receive it, you need to have excellent transcript and test scores. So, I would definitely consider applying if you have excellent grades.


H.H. the Emir of Qatar’s Scholarships for Academic Excellence

  • Scholarship Awards- Full Tuition and Fees
  • Eligibility Criteria- High Grades on Qatar Secondary Education Examinations and must graduate from Qatari high school

This scholarship is for students who have graduated from Qatari high school. If you have gotten excellent scores in the high school examination, you should definitely apply!


Outstanding Performance Scholarships

  • Scholarship Awards- Full Tuition
  • Eligibility Criteria- Current student who is academically excellent

This scholarship is for current Qatar University students and is awarded to those who made great achievements in academics. It is basically scholarships for students with the highest GPA. So, if you are current student and have a great GPA, consider applying!


Non-Merit Qatar University Scholarships

Some of these scholarships are for only for students from GCC States. The GCC states are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.


GCC States Scholarships

  • Scholarship Awards- Tuition fees and accommodation fees
  • Eligibility Criteria- Be from GCC country other than Qatar, and also obtain letter from the respective embassy.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you have to get a letter from your countries’ embassy, and also you have to be a citizen of GCC countries other than Qatar. Also, you do need to get accepted to a program in Qatar University. Other than that, it is not a competitive scholarship, so if you are from a GCC country, you need to seriously consider applying.


GCC Qatari Certificate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Awards- Tuition Fees
  • Eligibility Criteria- Be from a GCC country and also have Qatari High School Certificate


Qatari National’s Children Scholarships

  • Scholarship Awards- Tuition Fees
  • Eligibility Criteria- Be a non-Qatari children of a Qatari mother or Father


These are the popular scholarships that are offered by Qatar University. You can find more scholarships in this page. 

If you meet the eligibility criteria, I highly recommend applying!


Qatar University Admissions

There are application guides to help international students apply to Qatar University. To see more information, visit the Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate Admissions. You will find many requirements to apply. So before you do, you should definitely see if you qualify and then prepare the materials.


Scholarships around the World

I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing the Qatar University scholarships information. For scholarships around the world, visit

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  1. Ahmed Yunus says:

    I am from Nigeria, and I am also a graduate of electrical and electronic engineering(HND). I have 2.79 as my GPA, and I wish to continue my education in Qatar university. How can I achieve this?

    • lh1999 says:

      You will need a higher score on your GPA. Since you can’t change your GPA currently, I will advise you to get a very, very high score on the TOEFL and GRE. If you can do that, you might have a chance.

  2. Abdi rahman elmi anshuur says:

    I need a scholarship for Master degree. I am from Somalia. Please help me.

    • lh1999 says:

      Hi, you have all the information you need at the official scholarship website. To get a scholarship, you will need a good IELTS or TOEFL scores. Other test scores help as well.

  3. Archana Shrestha says:

    Is this university an English speaking university in Qatar?

    • lh1999 says:

      Qatar University offers classes in both English and Arabic. For undergraduate programs, it has more classes in Arabic, and in graduate programs, it has more classes in English.

  4. Nasra says:

    Hi, I’m graduated student bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery 2016 now I’m looking for masters degree in public health my first degree was in English medium, do I need TOEFL certificate?

  5. Nargiz Askarova says:

    My name is Nargiz Askarova and I am writing to you today from Baku in Azerbaijan. I am preparing my admission application for the graduate program in Marketing at Qatar University and I am reaching out to you quickly with a couple of questions I have about the possible funding support for international graduate students at Qatar University.
    I am a young Muslim woman with strong ambitions and who is really excited about the role a graduate degree from Qatar University can play in helping her achieve her dreams. I have a strong academic background and over four years of professional experience. I am also an aspiring social entrepreneur and I attended two prestigious entrepreneurship development programs in Canada in 2018.

    In my research, I was able to identify the scholarship and funding opportunities available to international undergraduate students planning to do their first Bachelors degree at Qatar University. But I am still a bit uncertain about such opportunities available to international graduate students and the process to be followed to avail them. Specifically, I am not sure if I have to apply separately for funding support or if I will be considered for any available scholarships on the basis of my admission application alone. I am also very interested in applying for the Islamic Scholarship program, but I am not sure if it is open to graduate students.

    I would be most grateful if you can point me in the right direction and share with me the information about the available graduate student funding support. It would be most appreciated.

    My sincere thanks upfront.


    Nargiz Askarova

    • lh1999 says:

      The link to the graduate scholarship is included in the post above, and I really don’t know if those graduate scholarships are available for current graduate students. Check the information by clicking on the link, and by going to the scholarship requirements. Thank you for your great question!

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