21 Cheap Australian Universities

//21 Cheap Australian Universities

Do you want to study in Australia? If so, then knowing the tuition fees for Australian Universities are crucial. Being successful while studying abroad is not all dependent on your academic abilities. There are many students that think that, and they are wrong.

If you want to be successful while studying abroad and finish your degree, you will need to plan financially. The largest cost of your education is the tuition fee that you pay. So, one of the best ways to lower your biggest cost is to attend cheap Australian universities that also offer a great education.

In this article, I have gathered the tuition fee data by visiting each of the official university websites. The tuition fee here are the averages, but the tuition fee varies widely according to your major. So, it is best to check the tuition link that I give below to check the tuition fee for your major.


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Cheap Australian Universities Tuition Fees

University NameBachelor Tuition (Average)Postgraduate Tuition (Average)
Charles Darwin University$19,500$24,500
University of Canberra$24,500$30,000
Charles Sturt Universtiy$25,500$22,000
Southern Cross University$18,500$22,500
University of Sunshine Coast$19,000$25,500
Australian Catholic University$22,500$24,000
Victoria University$23,000$21,500
University of New England$22,000$29,500
University of Divinity$12,500$11,500
University of Southern Queensland$21,500$24,000
University of Melbourne$40,000$34,000
Monash University$19,000$21,000
University of Queensland$35,000$20,000
Univeresity of New South Wales$34,000$33,000
Australian National University$39,000$35,000
Curtin University$30,000$40,500
University of Newcastle$28,000$35,000
University of Adelaide$35,000$40,000
James Cook University$27,000$30,000
Macquarie University$35,000$34,000
Central Queensland University$25,000$21,000


Cheapest Universities by State and Territory in Australia

If you want to study at a specific state or territory, you should know which university in that state is the cheapest option. In this section, I will give you one or two universities in each state or territory, so that you will have a better understanding of your options. So, let’s start!


Australian Capital Territory

If you want to live near the capital of Australia, which is Canberra, the cheapest university in that area is University of Canberra. The other option is Australian National University, but this university is very expensive compared to University of Canberra. One option is to get scholarships in ANU to make your tuition fee go lower. This is possible if you have good grades and test scores, but if you don’t, I highly suggest going to University of Canberra.


New South Wales

There are many affordable universities for you if you want to live in New South Wales. Australian Catholic University, University of New England, and Charles Sturt University are all good choices. Also, search for universities in that area to see if you can get scholarships from them. If you can, it will make your tuition fee go lower, or even, you can attend these universities for free!


Northern Territory

If you desire to live in the Northern Territory, there is an excellent university called Charles Darwin University. This university is known to be affordable to international students, so it will be a perfect match for you if you want to attend an affordable and yet excellent university in Australia.



There are many affordable universities that are in Queensland. Couple of options are University of Sunshine Coast and University of Southern Queensland. You definitely should search for other universities in the area and apply for scholarships to those as well.


South Australia

For those that want to live in South Australia, University of South Australia is an affordable university that you should check out. There are also universities from other countries that are in South Australia such as University College London and Carnegie Mellon that you should be aware of.



Like Queensland and New South Wales, there are a lot of affordable universities in Victory. One of the most affordable universities that provides great education is Monash University. They also provide great scholarships, and you can view that in Monash University Scholarships. If you are able to get these scholarships, you could study for free for your entire study at Australia! So make sure to apply.


Western Australia

There is not really an affordable university in Western Australia. So if you want to study there, you should apply for scholarships so that you can make your study affordable.


Apply for Australian Scholarships so that You can Study in Australia for Cheap or Even Free!

If you are interested in studying in Australia affordably, one of the things that you must check is whether you are eligible for scholarships. Australia provides great scholarships for international students. In this list, I’ve made links to all the scholarship links for Australian Universities.

These scholarships will decrease the cost of your study at Australia. So, check these scholarships out!


Cheap Universities in Australia Brief Overview

I gave a short description and tuition link to each university. The reason that I have linked the tuition links is to let you know where I got the data from the chart above came from. Also, I have linked it because tuition fees are different for different majors so that you can check it out yourself the tuition fee for your specific major.


Australian Catholic University 

This university was established in 1991 and has grown quickly. It has seven campuses in Australia and additional campuses around the world. It has a campus in Rome, Italy and has become one of the few universities in Australia that has a campus in Rome.

It currently has around 32,000 students that are from more than 160 countries. One of the main reason that students like to study at Australian Catholic University is its cheap tuition fee.


University of New England 

The university is a cheap Australian university that is located in New South Wales. It has around 22,000 students studying different subject areas.

These students benefit from the research grants that this university receives. Some of the research grant and the endowment goes to support the students by making tuition fee lower with scholarships.


Southern Cross University 

Southern Cross University is an excellent public university that has over 15,000 students. These students and faculty study in various campuses such as Lismore and Coffs. Since its establishment in 1994, it has grown to be a large university partially because it is one of the cheapest universities in Australia.


University of Sunshine Coast 

This excellent university is found in Queensland, Australia. It has around 722 staff teaching around 12,000 students in various departments and courses.

This university is ranked 35th in the nation, which is very decent. It has many accolades such as earning highest rating in the generic skills learned.


Western Sydney University 

This university is huge and has multiple campuses across Australia. Its campuses include Bankstown, Hawkesbury, Blacktown, Campbelltown, as well as other beautiful locations. Western Sydney University is relatively young but has quickly increased in student population.

One of the reasons is its cheap tuition among Australian universities which attracts many students to consider the university.


Charles Darwin University 

Like many universities in this list, Charles Darwin University is relatively young. It was founded in 2003 as a public university as the result of a merger between two universities.

It was named after the famous naturalist who popularized the theory of evolution. It has many accolades such as being a member of seven Innovative Research Universities.


Charles Sturt University 

This university is another Australian university that was established recently. There are many relatively new universities in Australia because of the high demand of international students for an Australian degree.

Charles Sturt University was established in 1989 and quickly has increased its student population to over 20,000. Many students attended this university because it is a cheap Australian University. Although it is affordable, its education is very thorough in many different academic fields.


University of Divinity 

This university is an older university located in Victoria. It was started in 1910 to award theology degrees. Students wishing to study philosophy, theology, and ministry should definitely consider University of Divinity in Australia.


University of Southern Queensland

This university is located in Toowoomba, Australia, and is one of the regional universities. Its motto is “Through study the mind is renewed.”

It emphasizes the renewing of the mind by academic studies. So, students should not only learn the facts through studying but also need to focus on growing their characters.


Victoria University

This university was started in 1916 but got its university status in 1990. In the beginning, it was a technical school which also focused on sports and outdoor activities. As time went on, the university grew and became one of the largest in the country with around 30,000 students.

After it had many students and gained many departments, it achieved the university status in 1990. Now, it is one of the cheapest Australian universities available.


University of Canberra

This university is a public university in Bruce, Australia. It offers many majors and departments for both undergraduate and graduate students. Students can learn science, math, history, art, design, business, and other various majors.

Since 1970, over 70,000 students have graduated from this excellent university and are now making a change. Students that attend University of Canberra can jon this cohost and also make a change around the world.


University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is a public research university that has made a huge impact in the society. The endowment is $621 million dollars, and the university spends much of that money in the operation of the university. As the result, many people in Melbourne benefit from that.

The university is excellent and has produced many successful alumni such as Prime Ministers and governors general.


Monash University

Monash University is a public institution located in Melbourne, Australia. It is a prestigious university that has graduate thousands of professionals over the years. Also, it is one of the largest universities in the nation containing 50,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 undergraduate students.

It has one of the largest revenue, consisting of 2.2 billion dollars. As the result, they do give out many scholarships to international students, making its tuition one of the cheapest in Australia.


University of Queensland

University of Queensland is a fabulous university that located in Queensland’s capital city. It has a very concrete academic departments and ranks in the top of the nation in the fields of business, engineering, and life sciences.

It has its place among the best Australian universities and is a member of sandstone universities and Group of Eight. Because of the large endowment and research funding, it does give much scholarships to international students, making the tuition affordable.


University of New South Wales

This prestigious university is located in Keningston, Australia. It is a comprehensive university consisting of bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The university is backed by a huge endowment consisting of 1.67 billion dollars.

It is a member of Group of Eight which is the Australian version of the “Ivy Leagues.” As a member, it has led the research program of Australian Universities, producing fabulous results. One of the benefits of attending the University of New South Wales is that the tuition is relatively affordable for international students.


Australian National University

This university is located in Australia’s capital, Canberra. It was established in 1946 and has continued to produce many successful alumni. It has around 10,000 undergraduate and 11,000 postgraduate students studying at the institution.

It is considered the best Australian University and also ranks in the top 20th in the world. Students wishing to study in Australia should definitely consider Australian National University.


Curtin University

This university was established in 1966 and is solid in the field of technology. The reason is that it was once a school that was just focused on technology before it became a university. Students that want to study in Curtin University can study in their various campuses including Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, and Mauritius.


University of Newcastle

University of Newcastle is considered very prestigious among Australian University, and Times New Higher Education ranking system has ranked it to be 2nd in Australia. Also, it has ranked it to be 30th among young universities.

It has many campuses in Australia and around the world such as Sydney Campus and Singapore Campus. Although it is very young, it has produced notable alumni such as CEOs, ambassadors, and political leaders.


University of Adelaide

This university is located in Adelaide, Australia. This university is very historic and prestigious partially because of its age and the history of excellent teaching. Founded in 1874, it is one of the third oldest university in existence.

Because of its excellent teaching, it has produced Nobel Larueates and over hundred Rhodes Scholors. These awards are prestigious awards which only a select few can receive.


James Cook University

James Cook University is located in Queensland, Australia. It was named after the famous explorer James Cook. This university offers various degrees and programs for students wishing to study there including Arts, Business, Law, Medicine, Dentistry among many subjects.

James Cook University offers affordable tuition to both international and domestic students so that the financial circumstances would not become the hindrance to one’s education.


Macquarie University

Macquarie University is a public university that was established in 1964. It has five departments in which students can study, and there are around 30,000 undergraduate students, and 10,000 graduate students. These students are taught by world-class faculty that has much experience in teaching and researching.


Central Queensland University

The main campus of Central Queensland University is at Rockhampton, but it also has other campuses in Noosa, Cairns, Townsville, and others. Like Curtin University, it was a technology school at first but later became a university.

In 1967, it started with around 70 students only, but it later became one of the largest universities in Australia having 35,000 students.


More Information on Australia Universities and Scholarships

This is a list of cheap universities in Australia. Attending Australian universities that have affordable fees are not the only way to decrease your tuition fee. Receiving scholarships is also another way.

To view all the scholarships available for international students, visit the Australia Scholarships Page!