University of London Scholarships 2020

//University of London Scholarships 2020

The University of London, a federal research university, was first founded with a Royal Charter in 1836. Located in the city of London, it is ranked by Times Higher Education as high as #115 in the World University Rankings, and 15th in the United Kingdom. The university is giving international students a chance to receive many University of London scholarships!

The University of London is one of the largest universities in the entire world, with about 215,000 students. That figure consists of 90,000 undergraduates and 60,000 graduate students. The remaining amount is simply international students, making it probably the most diverse school on the planet. The University of London has a reputation for having extremely accomplished teachers, with many having won Nobel Prizes, Pulitzer Awards, and more. There are over 25 different departments offered, including Music, Psychology, and Law.

The departments are further split into about 20 different constituent colleges, including the famous Royal Veterinary College and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Many of their constituent colleges are world-renowned for their prestigious programs. There are six campuses for the University of London, with almost every one of them being located in central London itself.

The endowment of London is an impressive 111.4 million GBP, one of the highest amounts for schools in the United Kingdom. Annually, the school dedicates a great sum of money throughout their nine research institutions. One of the school’s constituent colleges is City, University of London. This college is where most of their intense research goes on. Some of these research grants go towards the University of London scholarships for international students.

Alumni have seen great success after graduation. This can be accredited to the intense study requirements and dedication necessary to complete school at UL. The University of London has alumni who have gone on to change the world, and the list includes Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the Nation of India), Nelson Mandela (Father of the Nation of South Africa), and singer Elton John.


University of London Scholarships

International students are eligible for a variety of scholarships in the University of London. Some of the scholarships found on this page are applicable to international students. You will just need to look at each scholarship and its description to see if the scholarship is applicable for international students.


University of London Admissions

You can find the admissions procedure as well as the link to international admissions on the Admissions Page. On this page, you can find if you are qualified, help with the application, computer requirements, supplying evidence, and English Language Requirements. This page will be a great help for international students that wish to apply to the University of London.


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