University of Dundee Scholarships 2020

//University of Dundee Scholarships 2020


The University of Dundee was officially formed in 1967 as a United Kingdom public university via a royal charter. This decree marked the end of a historical 70-year partnership with St. Andrew’s University and independence for the school which began in 1881. It was originally founded with a generous donation from the two Baxter cousins, Mary Ann and John Boyd, who had the vision to create a school in the Scotland Lowlands dedicated to studying science, literature, and fine arts for both genders. If you want to study at UK, you should definitely consider receiving University of Dundee scholarships for international students.


Students and Faculty

More than 17,000 students study at the University of Dundee, with approximately 25% international students. Many of these international students receive Universty of Dundee scholarships to help with their tuition fees. Around 11,000 of the total student population are undergraduates. To support a large number of students and premiere academics offered, the University of Dundee employs around 3,000 staff members.

Courses can be completed in nine different schools, each with an associated research center, ranging across disciplines such as dentistry and nursing to humanities and social sciences. The University also maintains a Professional Services organization to provide administration and support resources for students.



The compact urban campus of the University of Dundee is a mere five minutes walking distance away from the central hub of the City of Dundee’s best restaurants, bars, and shops. The University has also invested heavily in the V&A at Dundee, a museum of design at the heart of the city’s Waterfront, which is scheduled to open in September 2018.



The University reported total expenditures of over £251.9m for the 2017 fiscal year while receiving £244.4 in income, £76.2m of which derived from research grants and awards. Its endowment was £28.3m and is used to support scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate/PhD study such as the Boyack Bursary.



A number of University of Dundee alumni have gathered achievements and created legacies in a variety of fields, including two Nobel Laureates: James Black, a physician renowned for his contributions to the field of medicine, and the famed economist Ronald Coase. The progressive history of the school is also marked by individuals such as Margaret Fairlie, who became the first female professor in Scotland.


University of Dundee Scholarships

To make scholarship search convenient to all students, University of Dundee has made a scholarship search engine. You can view find it here. You can select the country that you are from, the subject, level of study, and start date to find scholarships that are tailored for you. When you enter your information, you will see that the value and the eligibility information regarding that scholarship.



There are many things that you have to consider when you are applying to a university. You should definitely check the application procedure and eligibility criteria before thinking about applying. For more information, visit the undergraduate and graduate admissions. You will find in those pages details about courses, visiting, application procedure, tuition fees, scholarships, and studying abroad. Take a long look at those pages to see if the school is the right fit for you.


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